Only five Juventus players faced fans’ fury

by | Nov 27, 2021 19:26

The Allianz Stadium crowd booed Juventus after their defeat against Atalanta, but only five Bianconeri faced the fans’ fury after the final whistle.

The Serie A giants suffered a 1-0 loss against La Dea, so they are now seven points off a Champions League placement.

Duvan Zapata scored the eventual winner in the first half and Juventus players were booed for the first time after the first 45 minutes, while they were on their way to the tunnel.

Serie A | Juventus 0-1 Atalanta: Duvan Zapata dooms the Old Lady

There was even more tension and criticism in the second half when fans in the Curva Sud shouted ‘show some balls’ several times. When the game finished, boos were as loud as ever.

Only five Juventus players, Matthijs de Ligt, Wojciech Szczesny, Paulo Dybala, Leonardo Bonucci and Juan Cuadrado, walked under the Curva Sud to apologise to their fans who didn’t hide their disappointment seeing all the other players walking inside the tunnel.

Juventus also lost Federico Chiesa and Weston McKennie to injuries during the game.

They will face Salernitana away on Tuesday before hosting Genoa in Turin the following Sunday.

epa09607843 Juventus' Paulo Dybala shows his dejection at the end of the Italian Serie A soccer match Juventus FC vs Atalanta BC at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, 27 November 2021. EPA-EFE/MASSIMO RANA


  1. chpo

    What a disgrace, Pirlo could have even stayed, no difference at all. Can’t bear watching this anymore. It’s just an abomination, how Juve is playing. Don’t even create chances and all these stupid errors resulting in conceding a goal. I am thinking about not watching any games for the next weeks. Just upsetting me. Every time they catch up to the top in Serie A they mess it up again.

    Second thing the line up. Sandro and Rabiot are not good enough. Get back Fagioli. Use your youth players or else.

    Also, no one is ever inside the opponents box. It’s just horrible. Crosses are pathetic!

  2. Cypher

    Anyone still thinks Bonucci is a “world-class defender”? Lol

    Without Chiellini, Bonucci is David Luiz.


    Pirlo would be in relegation zone without cr9 lol

  4. alex

    I disagree. Pirlo would be in the same place, may not be better, but not worse, but probably more entertaining football.

    I am a Juve fan, but was cheering for the opposing team. No hope for reform until Juve hits rock bottom. Reform means Allegri out, Bonucci out, Rabbiot out, Baentancur out, Moratta out. And I am hoping, above all, Agnelli out. Juventus had a reformed team built by Conte, Conte was too rigid which getting rid of him was the last right move to do. However, Allegri was the worst decision then and now, could not get European glory with top level team. The failure was obscured by how weak serie A had become. Now, the team is not as good but also the other teams are much better. That is why now people can see how terrible he made the team. Only hope for juventus is to bring Zidane and get rid of bunch of old guards, results will be slow to see. But that’s the only hope to prevent a Man Utd situation

  5. Am worried

    i thought things were meant to get better after Ronaldo’s sale

  6. Blop

    Stop comparing pirlo and allegri. Pirlo used a different system for each of the 38 games… enough, the guy didn’t even have his coaching badge until just before the first season game . He needs time to learn as he should’ve started with the youth squad. Allegri is the safe bet , juve have not done any good transfers , besides Chiesa whose also starting to struggle , we have spent insane amounts of cash and have gotten useless garbage second string players. This squads needs a huge revamp, and so does the management. Kean is garbage , stop hyping him , locatelli is slow and never closes on his players to support , he waits and walks like a retard half the time. This year is scrapped , we’re prob not getting top 5. They need to strategies for next year and most definitely , start buying players for first team . Not subs from other teams and definitely not bring players who left juve already . They don’t deserve the money and don’t deserve a second chance .

  7. Steve

    The team is passive, sterile and lethargic.cant sustain possession, always passing backwards within your half leading to mistakes.the midfield does not support the attack. No creativity just bodies running around like clowns.i smell blood,der is no need watching juve right now coz dey don’t deserve our support coz dey don’t care about d shirt nor it’s supporters.this team is just full of kids with no character nor heart.something within me will always root for juve but dis team is unwatchable.its a pity but it hurts,allegri is majorly part of d problem,he plays old-school football no invention just too stereotype.fino Alla fine

  8. Ibn O.

    I have been following FI for years. I never thought I’d see the day Juve fans will be so frantic in the comment box.

  9. Al

    If Rabiot’s and Dybala’s strikes went in at the end of the game, all of above comments would have never existed!

  10. Boed

    Pirlo would perform far better than Alergy.. ppl tend to mock Pirlo but forgot, the team that Pirlo manage is just as bad as this team, n yet he won 2 trophies.. n ppl see Alergy as God in his reign while also forgot his squad (at that time) was far more supperior than this Juve..

  11. Joey

    Roman Empire collapsed, The mongolian Empire collapsed, and so on. JUVE won everything for almost 10 years! People are so stupid… This is normal! In 2-3 years we will have a new reborn Juventus. Ive been a juve ultra since 1987, ive seen this and worse so many times, nothing New at all. BUT ive always Stand by my dear Juventus! Never have i said, Im not watching juve or attack them! I saw them in Serie-B and was in italy to support them.


  12. Irish Atalanta

    Face it Atalanta are just a superior team now lol. Come on la dea

  13. frankie

    Blop, not sure what games you have been watching regarding Locatelli. He has been our best midfielder who puts in a good shift every game – today he was Juve’s best player and the only midfielder willing to provide vertical passes. His tackling has been strong and if he is out of position or appears to slow to react at times, well so would you when you have to try cover for plonkers like Rabbiot, Arthur and Bentancur whilst trying to get play moving out of our won half.

  14. Semprejuve

    Criticize Bonucci? Sure he’s old. Yes maybe he’s on decline. Nevertheles he’s still showing result, as we seen in the nationals. It’s crazy not to play him still. DeLigt is the one who not showing his potential like what we hoped for.

    Surely there are reasons why Juve coaches not playing DeLigt when the old guards is match fit. He’s playing under Sarri, Pirlo, and Allegri now. Not one of them brave enough to regularly play him. Those coaches watch him in training sessions on daily basis. If DeLigt is really that good, why can’t he convince them all? Impossible. Maybe he got problem with adapting to Italian football, i dont know. My guess is with the recent situations and pressure (we clearly want that UCL, hence Ronaldo) coaches won’t gamble on him with what they saw in the training.

    Remember when Bonucci first came to Turin. He made lots of bad decisions in his game. But he overcame all that in one season, steadily clicked into the next season and keep on improving year after year. That’s not the case with the Dutch. If Bonucci (and or Chiellini) is not good enough anymore, why can’t DeLigt just move them out from the first choice or from the club like what happened to Legrottaglie, Mellberg, and Cannavaro? Simplest logic is the coaches just not believe that DeLigt can replace them, yet.

    Remember how hype was Rugani back then? That’s DeLigt situation right now. Sadly Juve just can’t get rid of him. They have to hang on to their faith because 70M is a lot of money. Furthermore if DeLigt is gone, they put themself on another gamble to find Bonucci (and or Chiellini) replacement.

  15. T

    Fino alla fine Forza Juve!!!

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