Paulo Fonseca is on the verge of signing a contract with Milan. The only detail missing is whether the agreement will last two years with an option for a further campaign or three years. reports that the only detail missing before Fonseca signs a contract with Milan is whether the agreement will formally last two or three years.

It is reported that the offer could be for a two-year deal with an option for a further campaign or a plain three-year contract.

CM: Just one detail to clarify before Fonseca signs Milan contract

Once the two parties have clarified this, then Fonseca will sign his contract with the Serie A giants, replacing Stefano Pioli in 2024-25.

Milan confirmed Pioli’s exit at the end of the season with an official statement on Friday. confirms Fonseca has been picked over other candidates because of his experience in Italian football and his ability to raise young talents.

The Portuguese previously worked for Roma in Serie A. His contract with Lille runs out in June.

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