It has now been announced that the ‘new’ San Siro stadium will be the Cattedrale design by Populous, chosen by Milan and Inter.

The various designs had been cut down to a shortlist and the decision has now been made, so the Nuovo Stadio di Milano will be the concept drawn up by Populous.

This beat the Rings of Milano concept by Sportium.

It is nicknamed The Cathedral because of its design taking in elements from the legendary Duomo Cathedral in Milan and the Galleria.

Announcement imminent on new Inter and Milan stadium: all the details

This will be built next to the existing Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, which can then be knocked down or at least turned into a smaller arena for women’s football and youth teams to play in.

The area of the city is called San Siro, which is why the new stadium would still technically be San Siro.

“The Cathedral’s bespoke seating bowl will be the most intimate in Europe, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before and creating an unforgettable atmosphere,” read the prospectus.

“A sunlit galleria encircles the stadium enveloped by an elegant glass façade, providing a democratic space for all supporters and the citizens of Milano. Here, a wide-ranging offer of food and beverage outlets inspired by the world-renowned food culture of Milano, lounge spaces and bars cater for all visitors while celebrating the unique culture of Milano.

“The Cathedral has been designed to create a unique home for the fans and supporters of AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano, with bespoke installations that dramatically change the appearance of the architecture and incorporate the clubs’ unique identities into the building fabric. For Inter Milan, a coiled viper of blue light wraps itself around the stadium; while for AC Milan, the vertical buttresses glow a smouldering red emanating from the depths of the building.

“The stadium is designed to be the most sustainable stadium in Europe. The galleria is naturally cooled and passively heated, photovoltaic panels line the stadium roof to generate electricity that is stored in battery banks for later use, and all rainwater is collected from the roof and reused. The stadium is surrounded by 22 acres of green space, which reduce water runoff and counteract the ‘heat island’ effect. The entire district is connected to a central heating and cooling system.”

Populous are the same architectural design firm that conceived the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Milan and Inter’s new stadium should be built in the area of San Siro, with the current Stadio Meazza being partially demolished after the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics. The new stadium should be ready in 2027.

It will be smaller than the Meazza, with a seating capacity of 65,000 against the current 80,000.

There will be more executive seats to maximise the revenues, with Inter and Milan are expected to gain €80m each every year from their new home.

12 thought on “Official: New Milan stadium will be the ‘Cathedral’”
  1. @Rosario… even if none, the income will be a huge for both clubs… and not every Milan or Inter fan lives in Italy and/or can afford to travel to Milan to watch a game. Will you ever grow up?

  2. Rosario, with all due respect, that’s not the point. The point is we get our own stadium to help compete with the other leagues and clubs. I am from the USA and am going to try my hardest to get to one game at the old stadium before this ends, everyone knows it is iconic!

  3. probably will never happen. roma failure, atalanta halted haha, its laugheable to announce it. Ill beleive it when its built entirely. Wait till they go through the gvt process and you’ll see the same thing happen to this project like romas

  4. This is a step in the right direction but I have heard all this PR before and nothing goes ahead. All major clubs in Europe have their own stadium including Juventus. Both should build their own separate stadium to be considered into the upper echelons. Forever behind Juventus and you know it.

  5. @Rosario I have been only 3 times, last time was in 2008, I buy the new shirts every season and support any way I can, I watch every match possible live on tv every season, I have supported Milan since 1991 when my dad got me a Milan shirt with Van Basten on the back and told me this was the best football team he had seen next season after Football Italia started on UK tv so I got to watch the team from then I have never had any interest in any “local” football team and my closest one is Newcastle United, I couldn’t care less about them. Unfortunately I work 6 days a week so getting to Italy from the UK is tough for me at the moment, if I lived in Milan I would be there every match, there are many Milan fans around the world and I am proud to be one of them I hope that’s ok with you. Like the other guys here have said, the point is this gives both Milan clubs massive financial stability and a clear path forward, good times 🙂

  6. @1MIKEJ

    You don’t have to explain yourself mate. This is a website for English speaking fans of Italian football anyway.

    Forza Milan and forza every Rossonero from around the world.

  7. I like @1MikeJ and applaud his being an authentic supporter, no matter his country of residence. I also agree with @MilanFan’s sentiment. If one were only limited to supporting clubs within their locales none of the major clubs (or national leagues for that matter) would be what they are. There is not a major club on the whole of the continent where I live; am I thus excluded from the game at large? The global support for both Milan and Inter is what has led to this stadium development and all of the fans who provide their support should be enthusiastic. It is a positive step for the whole of Serie A in truth. What matters is being an authentic and genuine supporter of whatever club you support. I respect a true supporter of a rival tenfold more than any flaky, half-hearted supporter of the club I endorse.

  8. Congrats for having been at the Meazza more times than 1MikeJ, Rosario. Feel better about yourself now?

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