Official Milan update on Tonali’s injury

Sandro Tonali remains in doubt for Milan‘s Serie A opener against Udinese on Saturday, but this morning’s exams ruled out a severe injury for the Italy international.

Tonali was forced off the pitch during Milan’s friendly against Vicenza this past weekend and has undergone medical examinations today.

Sky Sport Italia quotes an official update from Milan claiming that the tests carried out this morning ruled out a muscle-tendon tear.

Therefore, his physical condition will be monitored daily, but the 22-year-old remains in doubt for Milan’s first Serie A game of the season against Udinese on Saturday.

7 Comments on “Official Milan update on Tonali’s injury”

  1. So apparently players other than Pogba get injured as well. Wondering why no-one is whinning about that

  2. @Brian Because Pogba sallary is 10 mio and he could’ve get the surgery before going to Juventus. Any fans will complain if a player who just joined the club but then injured for months.

  3. @Square
    Cause he get 10m he can’t get injured ?!
    How do you know he knew that he had to go through surgery before joining Juve ? he hasn’t been in pain before he came here. he went through J medical. and still no one can say for sure if he should get surgery or not. who do u think u are that you feel entitled judge a tricky health issue related to the knee of a professional athlete ?
    Do u really think before u comment ?

  4. RE: Pogba Injury
    The tear happened during a Juve training session but he has been having trouble with it for 2 years, that is a fact. He could have had surgery to properly fix it but went with years of treatment to get him on the pitch instead. Given he was rarely seen on the pitch I think we can conclude he picked the wrong option and now is left between a rock and a hard place.

  5. @Brian.
    No need to insult someone else, we can have a good discussion between fans in a constructive manner.
    I knew that he could’ve get the surgery because I follow the news, even though I’m not a Juve fans, but I love football especially Serie A.
    Yes, anyone can get injured despite on how much their salary is, it’s sport, but you’re missing the context of my comment.
    A club have to manage their economy and they give a big salary to the players who they believe to have big roles in the squad.
    When a player get injured, their sporting potentials is down, which also caused the fans to worry, so they whine, it’s the internet.
    I didn’t make any judgement on his health or something else, just follow the news from reliable sources.

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