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Milan have resumed the ticket sales for their opening Champions League game against Atletico Madrid with reduced admission fees.

Milan fans protested after learning that tickets for their Champions League games at San Siro will cost more than double those of Inter matches in the same stadium.

The price to watch Inter vs. Real Madrid on September 15 in the Curva section, the blue and green levels, is €48.

Milan fans were asked to pay €119 for a ticket in the same section for the game against Atletico Madrid on September 28.

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis had announced the club would adjust ticket prices and the Rossoneri have just released an updated price list for their Champions League meeting against the La Liga giants.

Milan begin their Champions League campaign away at Liverpool on Wednesday, September 15.

They host Atletico Madrid on September 28. The Colchoneros are the last team Milan faced in Europe’s elite competition in 2014.

Gazidis: ‘Milan will adjust the ticket prices for the Champions League’


Starting from tomorrow, ticket sales will resume for AC Milan v Atletico Madrid: prices have been updated with tickets starting from 39 euros (for 2019/20 season ticket holders)

Tickets for AC Milan’s first home game of the UEFA Champions League will be back on sale starting from tomorrow. The game will see the team led by Stefano Pioli face Atletico Madrid at the San Siro stadium on 28 September.

Tickets will go on sale online at and at the Casa Milan Ticket Office from 12:00 CEST, with a new updated price list which – with a significant overall reduction in the average admission price – will further favour entry level groups, with tickets starting from 39 euros for the 2019/20 season ticket holders.


As always, there will be three windows of sale:

Phase 1: Sales reserved for 2019/20 Season Ticket Holders

  • The sales window will open at 12:00 CEST on 10 September and will remain open until Sunday 12 September at 23:59
  • Each season ticket holder can purchase a maximum of four tickets, exclusively for other 2019/20 season ticket holders
  • Tickets are not transferable

Phase 2: Sales reserved for holders of the Cuore Rossonero card

  • The sales window will open at 12:00 CEST on 13 September and will remain open until 23:59 on the same day
  • Each holder of a Cuore Rossonero card may purchase a maximum of four tickets, exclusively for other holders of a Cuore Rossonero card
  • Tickets are not transferable

Phase 3: General sale

  • The sales window will open at 10:00 CEST on 14 September and will remain open until seats sell out
  • Each fan can purchase a maximum of four tickets
  • Tickets are not transferable


Tribuna Onore Rossa € 420
Poltroncine Rosse centrali (P-R) € 390
Poltroncine Rosse (N-O-S-T) € 320
Primo Rosso (A-B-L-M-H-I-V-Z) € 200
Primo Rosso laterale € 120
Tribuna Arancio Centrale € 310
Tribuna Arancio € 280
Poltroncina Arancio Centrale X € 280
Poltroncina Arancio Centrale € 230
Poltroncina Arancio € 190
Primo Arancio € 129
Primo Arancio Laterale € 109
Primo Verde € 89
Primo Verde – Family € 89
Primo Blu € 89
Secondo Rosso Centrale € 119
Secondo Rosso Laterale € 109
Secondo Arancio Centrale € 109
Secondo Arancio Laterale € 89
Secondo Verde € 54
Secondo Blu € 54
Terzo Rosso Centrale € 44
Terzo Rosso Laterale € 39
Terzo Blu € 39

3 thought on “Official: Milan resume Champions League ticket sale with updated price list”
  1. Ah, a little price gouging never hurts the pockets of the owners, does it? Glad they saw fit to make the admission prices lower. We know all the clubs are hurting for revenue, but it sucks that they feel empowered to price out the Mario Rossi’s who may also be financially struggling. Makes me appreciate the streaming package moreso.

  2. Italian are stingy, they do not understand to make money you spend money.
    Too much of a crab in bucket mentality, everybody always watching what every body else doing, bring down anyone who starts excelling or making money.
    Instead lifting people up and it’s always about bringing them back down. that’s why we haven’t seen any stars, come out while especially Athletics in a even Spain has like tennis star golf stars.

    What do they spend their money on for entertainment, just eating out ?? Or vacations, mostly to other countries. Their society is too stagnant.

    Look at Brits for example, they pack sporting events, of all kinds. Their football matches doesn’t matter, if it’s a wining team or not are always packed, no empty seats everywhere. Wanna see price gouging, go and look at what English pay for their tickets.
    They always pack concert shows, 10 times more concerts of international artists in UK then most European nations, they have great music festivals, some last days.

    Need to have economic activity. The US have so many sporting leagues, events that they pack arenas, stadiums, ballparks, they have more six major sports. Americans football, hockey, basketball, baseball, NASCAR , MLS soccer, tennis. They go concerts, movies, events for entertainment of kinds.

    Italians have one major sports league, football and I don’t think besides Juventus they’ve build a new stadium in the last 40 years, They’re falling down, they don’t understand that you do not have to wait until something is literally decrepit before you renew. It all part economic activity. A society needs constantly renewing.

    It takes like the man of God to build anything new in the country, you as society spend less than less money, you also make less and less money.

  3. Milan have a very difficult opening two fixtures. They could very easily find themselves at the bottom of the group very quickly.

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