Official Lukaku returns to Inter from Chelsea: ‘I’m back, baby!’

Romelu Lukaku has completed his return to Inter on loan from Chelsea, less than a year after the €113m transfer. ‘I’m back, baby! I’m very happy. I keep my promises.’

The announcement came via a video filmed by President Steven Zhang on the roof of the Inter headquarters, where Lukaku had waved to fans only a couple of hours earlier.

The Belgium international was sold under a year ago for €113m, the biggest sale in the Nerazzurri’s history, yet he very quickly realised he had made a mistake.

He already caused shockwaves with an interview on Sky Sport Italia in December 2021, in which he apologised to the Inter supporters for leaving and assured he would definitely return to San Siro.

It’s reported he had wanted a comeback in the January transfer window, but had to wait until the summer to get his wish.

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This will be a one-season dry loan at a cost of €8m plus performance-related bonuses, with the player accepting a 35 per cent pay cut to help push it through.

Lukaku had joined Inter from Manchester United for €74m in 2019 and proved pivotal in their Serie A title victory, scoring 64 goals in 95 competitive games over two seasons.

20 Comments on “Official Lukaku returns to Inter from Chelsea: ‘I’m back, baby!’”

  1. The big donkey is back to tear it up in the farmers league lol. As Conte once said if you can make it in the premier league, you can make it anywhere. I would give him the benefit of the doubt once, but a three time flop, come on. Once and Man Utd and twice at Chelsea.

  2. @Reyes how selective of you, considering his success with both West Brom and Everton. But hey, whatever you need to do to sound right.

  3. Pathetic Inter fans. He left for Chelsea for the money and never said anything to the fans, and he kissed the Chelsea badge efter his first game and now the shinter fans greet him with open arms.

  4. Keeps his promises he says.. Only cause he failed miserably at Chelsea… Flopped in all of prem tbh

  5. @Reyes How arrogant. English league is the best and England is football superpower…. Real Madrid showed that 😉

  6. COJA7, an English team losing in the champions league only matters for you. Tell me who has dominated the competition in terms of the amount of teams getting to the semi’s and beyond within the last few years? Only Spanish teams, English and sometimes Bayern have won the competition. Can you tell me how many Italian teams have won since 2010? Explain to me why Hungary matters for you so much? Germany 5-2 and Italy failing to qualify for the world cup yet again proves that you cannot just pick and choose what you like. Can you finally explain to me why Italy has worse stadiums then Cameroon?

  7. He was giving us 100 mil money to stay afloat then comeback, he is a savior rather than traitor.. welcome back luka!

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