Official: Juventus’ Supervisory Board confirms Cristiano Ronaldo’s request

Juventus‘ Supervisory Board confirms Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers requested documents regarding the investigation involving the Old Lady with the Portuguese superstar looking to ‘finalise his position regarding the salary manoeuvre.’

Multiple reports in Italy claim Juventus still owe €19.9m to their former star who had agreed to freeze wages for four months in 2020, during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

However, he also signed three documents with the club to guarantee him three months’ worth of money, one if he stayed in Turin and another if he left.

A statement from the club’s Supervisory Board confirms Ronaldo requested documents related to the investigation from the Turin Prosecutor through his lawyers. According to reports in Italy, the Prosecutor denied the request.

The Supervisory Board highlights that CR7 ‘claims himself as a creditor of the Club, thereby confirming the elements of the investigation.’

The former Bianconeri striker hasn’t made any request to the club ‘believing that the circumstance has no accounting significance,’ claims the Supervisory Board.

This could mean that Ronaldo hasn’t formally requested the money from the club but wants to understand his position, as proved by the request made to the Turin Prosecutor.

Last week, Juventus released a revised consolidated financial statement, but the potential debt towards Ronaldo does not appear in the document, prompting the Supervisory Board to ‘transfer to the Club the information referred above, inviting appropriate reflection in light of the relevance of the stakes, amounting to approximately €20m.’

In the official statement released today, Tuesday, December 6, the Supervisory Board confirms that it does not share the conclusions from the former board of directors in the latest financial statement released by the club, given that they ‘prioritise the form of the agreements over the substance.’

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  1. CR7 does not need the money. But a deal is a deal. The noble thing would be to forgive and forget the dumpster boys of Turin. A wrong turn and the beginning of the end of a glorious career. No need to sink the FTX FC further into the red.

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