Juventus have officially confirmed that all board members, including Andrea Agnelli, have resigned and have appointed Maurizio Scanavino as their new CEO.

Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and eight more board members, including CEO Maurizio Arrivabene, have resigned, Juventus confirmed with an official statement.

The Bianconeri are being investigated for suspicious transfers with inflated values in order to gain capital gains. Investigators looked into financial statements for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The Turin Prosecutor also investigated the four months’ salaries Juventus players gave up in 2020, following the COVID pandemic. Investigators aim to prove that Juventus players didn’t give up on the entire sum, but only missed one month and continued to receive money thanks to private agreements with the club, contrary to what Juventus, one of the clubs listed on the stock market, had communicated.


“Given the centrality and relevance of legal issues and technical-accounting pending, [board members] have deemed, in accordance with the best social interest, to recommend that Juventus provide a new Board of Directors to address these issues,” the Bianconeri said.

“Juventus will continue to cooperate with supervisory and industry authorities, without prejudice to the protection of its rights in relation to disputes against the financial statements and communications of the Company by CONSOB and by the Prosecutor’s Office.”

The Bianconeri add that Maurizio Scanavino has been appointed as their new CEO.

The club’s shareholders’ meeting will take place on December 27, while the new board of directors meeting will be on January 18, 2023.

8 thought on “Official: Juventus confirm resignation of board members and appoint new CEO”
  1. They’ve been trying to get ahead thru false accounting. Dock them all their accumulated points and then to Lega Pro at the end of the season.

  2. Bush league club on and off the field period. A leopard never changes its spots and a zebra never changes its stripes.

  3. 19 trophies (yes count them) under Agnelli and now Elkan taking the reins which was much needed. Let the fun resume.

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