The Federal Court of Appeals has accepted the FIGC Prosecutor’s request to reopen the sporting trial against Juventus for their alleged usage of falsified capital gains and handed them a 15-point penalty.

ANSA details how FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné asked the Federal Court of Appeals to reopen proceedings against the Bianconeri following new revelations from the Prisma investigation, which is analysing the club’s recent financial practices and alleged secret player payments agreed during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.

The Federal Court of Appeals has accepted Chiné’s case and reopened sporting proceedings against Juventus and their executives, clearing the other involved clubs, which includes Sampdoria, Empoli, Genoa, Parma, Pisa, Pescara, Pro Vercelli and Novara.

Chiné had asked for a nine-point deduction for Juventus, as well as suspensions for Andrea Agnelli, Fabio Paratici, Federico Cherubini and the rest of the board of directors. The Federal Court of Appeals has decided to hand the Bianconeri a 15-point penalty, putting them on 22 points in the league.

These sanctions are not related to the Prisma investigation or it’s examination of alleged secret payment agreements between the club and their players during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.

Juventus are able to appeal this decision to Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport at CONI. The reasoning behind these decisions will be announced in the coming days.

14 thought on “Official: FIGC reopen Juventus capital gains trial, 15-point penalty”
  1. How is that all for the violations committed? Hopefully them out of europe will dissolve the team

  2. This is bull crap, well that’s everything done for this season. Well sone to every other club, you got your way

  3. For a club that regularly competes in Europe, the repercussions go well beyond Serie A. UEFA and every single professional Italian club need to appeal this lenient penalty. If this was Lecce or Cremonese, they’d have faced demotion and most likely a compete restart

  4. Chiesa and Vlahovic will surely be leaving. As for Conte I doubt he will want to come back with 50 Euros to spend in the market. Allegri is the big winner. Surely on course to be at the helm for another 10 years. God help them.

  5. Honestly they should be happy this isn’t a relegation. They handed them a soft punishment imo. As for Chiesa and Vlahovic, surely they won’t leave on account of one season without CL football, they’re still young.

  6. And the decline of Serie A continues into oblivion. No other league or national federation targets its most successful club like Italy does. Incredible how many other teams have been supposedly doing the same thing but escape any significant punishment – another farceopoly. This decision will be overturned on appeal or at least the points deduction will be reduced significantly.

  7. I’m not surprised if this is all.

    I would of thought point deduction AND transfer ban for X windows would of been a good start.

  8. Same thing as in 2005, all the other clubs get away with it, English clubs constantly get away with it, PSG, Barcelona, Madrid, i would accept the punishments better if everyone got ewu3al treatment.

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