Official: Di Maria signs one-year contract with Juventus

Juventus have unveiled new signing Angel Di Maria, who will wear the number 22 shirt in Turin.

The 34-year-old Argentinian forward will be a short-term reinforcement to Massimiliano Allegri’s attack as the Bianconeri look to get back involved in the Scudetto fight again following a recent slip. Di Maria scored five goals and provided eight assists in 26 Ligue 1 appearances last season.

As announced by Juventus, Di Maria has officially joined the club after signing a one-year deal, picking the shirt number 22.

The Argentinian forward wore a variety of shirt numbers at PSG, ranging from 11 to 14 to 18. He last wore 22 in the 2014-15 season with Real Madrid and the first time he picked that number was the 2010-11 campaign.

Di Maria will be an important reinforcement whilst star winger Federico Chiesa continues his long recovery. The Italian forward suffered a cruciate ligament rupture back in January, sidelining him for the majority of the year.

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  1. @Mohammed
    Many Juve fans including me wanted him and absolutely love his style of football
    You don’t represent all Juve fans . Talk to Lord on your own behalf not us

  2. CALMAAA!!!

    I love how you PhD Max pantyhose fan girls are triggered by your truly. I do not even have to make a comment for the TDS to come out. Now you wokeristas can argue about Di Maria till you’re blue in the face. He is a superb player no doubt. Bad move to be coached by the Legend of The Ten Rings, but for one year he can jettison just like Dani Alves. Another great player who saw right through Obi Wan Max. This does not change anything. The issue remains the midfield. Pogba is not enough and they still have Flimsey, Rabiot Zidane and 360 Arthur. Plus the defence is weaker and you have one recognised striker.

  3. LOL LORD you never fail to disappoint. They are only salty with you as you’re spitting out facts. Never rule out Juve as Inzaghi is Inter‘s weakest link and has the ability to screw things up come January.

  4. Haha! You’re funny Lord. Di Maria will tear up defences in Italy so your Winter Champions can go back to dreaming of being Summer ones with their Aldi Messi jettisoned by Juve. Even a half broken Juve will be enough to win the league. And yes, Pogba isn’t the only thing we need but he’s far better than anyone currently there. Keep dreaming.

  5. Fatecisognare stop worrying about lord. You told me you were coming to my place last night. I got the bed all warmed up for you but it is okay as we did it 4 times this week. How bout you spread some chip shop curry sauce on my knacker cracker. DM me.

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