Nzola: ‘I’ll be among Serie A top scorers’

Spezia striker  M’Bala Nzola believes he will be among Serie A’s top scorers at the end of the season: ‘I am back.’

The 26-year-old struggled in 2021-22, scoring just two goals in 21 appearances with the Aquilotti under Thiago Motta, but has already netted three in seven league games this term.

“I was sad because I could not recognise myself [last season],” the striker told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“Morale was low because I thought that everyone was unhappy with me for a good reason. Everything I did was not useful.”

Things dramatically changed in the summer when Spezia appointed Luca Gotti as their new coach.

“I had time to think. Coach Gotti and the club made me understand that they trusted me. I began the season in shape, I lost weight and I wanted to show that I was ready. I’ve stayed here for Spezia and me and I think you can see my motivation on the pitch, not only because of goals.”

Which are his targets this season?

“To survive with Spezia and become Capocannoniere. Don’t laugh, I can make it. If I won’t, I can still reach the top four-five. I told you, I am back.”

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