The New York Times published a rather unflattering portrayal of Champions League finalists Inter as ‘a patched-up, jury-rigged sort of a club that is held together by little more than bandages and hope.’



Simone Inzaghi has fully earned his place at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul on Saturday, where he will vie with Manchester City for the most prestigious trophy in club football.

However, the profile in the American newspaper outlines the fact they have the ‘oldest squad and highest debts’ in Italian football, with players like Milan Skriniar and Henrikh Mkhitaryan struggling to be fit in time.

Edin Dzeko is expected to start upfront rather than Romelu Lukaku, perhaps a risk at 37, while 35-year-old Francesco Acerbi will be marking Erling Haaland.

Above all, the NYT goes into the well-known financial turbulence behind the scenes, where Suning had to take out a loan from Oaktree Capital that will be due in May 2024.

Including the high interest rate, the full sum owed is circa €350m.

Inter as a whole approach the Champions League Final “battered and bruised, taped and strapped, aging and fading.”

Manchester City have been charged with over 100 financial fair play breaches by the Premier League.

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