Serie A title race: Inter need Gasperini’s help now

by | May 14, 2022 11:39

The Serie A title race is wide open and Inter need help from Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta if they are to leapfrog Milan before the final game of the season.

The defending Serie A champions are in the race to secure a domestic treble after winning the Supercoppa and the Coppa Italia this season. However, in order to retain their Serie A title, they’ll have to see Milan slip in one of their final two games of the season.

The Rossoneri are enjoying a two-point lead over Inter on top of the Serie A table and four points in the final two matches are enough for Stefano Pioli’s men to win their first Scudetto in 11 years.

Allegri was coach, Kaka scored last time Milan beat Atalanta at San Siro

They’ll face Atalanta at San Siro on Sunday and Inter will need help from their ex-coach Gasperini. Luckily for the Nerazzurri, a motivated Atalanta will travel to San Siro as La Dea has yet to secure a European spot.

Inter needing Gasp’s help somehow sounds odd, given that the coach has never been on good terms with the club since his sacking in 2011. Although Inter had different owners at that time, Gasperini has often moaned that he was not given enough time and resources at the Stadio Meazza, where he lost four of his five games in charge of the team.

Atalanta share the seventh spot with Fiorentina and Roma at the moment, but, as things stads, they’d remain out of Europe because of a worse head-to-head record with the Tuscans and the Giallorossi. Inter face Cagliari and Sampdoria in their last two Serie A games, while Milan will end the campaign away at Sassuolo next week.


  1. NOrata

    Don’t worry, they’ve got the refs, too.
    (*sits back with popcorn and awaits the trolls*)

  2. Interisti


    You’re a loser

  3. All-Inter

    Are you looking for excuses even before the decisive two last rounds start? Oh buddy your destiny is in your own hands😊

  4. Andy

    Destiny is in the refs hands always. Milan should be champions already if not for blatant buying of referees by Inter

  5. All-Inter

    So why do you prepare matches or play them? Obviously you are lieing or simply looking for excuses beforehand.


    @Norata are you on crack or something?

    Inter lost the title against Bologna, season is over.

  7. Samy Ibrahim

    They need the refs, like the games against torino, empoli or juve.

    They are their 12th man

  8. Obluda619

    I think the refs is usually on black and white sides, so why rn you all accusing refs on black and blue sides?

  9. soloInter

    Gasperini is the best coach in the league for years now and the best in Atalanta history. All will be forgiven from Inter if he wins against Milan. Lol

  10. NOrata

    *eating more popcorn*

  11. Clicky

    Buying the referees wasn’t enough? Zhang probably sent a 5m wire to Bergamo last night. After the 50m to AIA in January.

  12. geedup

    The Inter owners are pretty much bankrupt and looking for how to offload players to stay above water but somehow they’re able to find bribery money for the refs and other clubs? All of you please knock it off.


    Norata is a sad troll

    The worse his team, Rubentus, plays the more he trolls other team while got schooled by lord patron saint of slow balls on his own team

    Welcome to the era of 0 tituli, dude

  14. NOrata

    Era? You mean a year…
    Now I get it, you Interisti think that an era is a year so that’s the length of your winning cycle. Got it. At least that’s longer than a Planck length. Thanks for clearing that up.
    *eats more popcorn*


    An era of 0 tituli means there shall be many more years of zero tituli coming for your team with the way it is being run and the amount of high salaried deadwood in your team. You’re probably the only delusional Rubentus fan to not seeing the problem with Allegri at the helm, but I’ll leave that to lord patron of slow balls to bish slap that into you

    Since I had the displeasure of seeing your troll comments on here, Inter has beaten Jube 3 times and won 2 trophies, not mentioning the scudetto last season. What does your team achieve? It must be frustrating being a Rube fan these days

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