Italy Under-21 coach Paolo Nicolato saw real ‘progress’ after the 1-0 win over Montenegro, as this new era is beginning to look like a team.

Lorenzo Colombo got the only goal of the game in Vicenza, following the 3-0 victory against Luxembourg.

“It was a delicate run of games, as the first are always difficult, as seen today by Luxembourg drawing with Ireland,” Nicolato told RAI Sport.

“We made a few steps forward, more intensity and didn’t suffer as much. We are lacking experience, but that’s natural. We brought two players off the bench who basically arrived yesterday at the training ground, so I am happy with this.

“The main thing we need to do in this new era is start laying the foundations for a real team and we saw progress today.”

U21: Italy squeeze past Montenegro

Italy have a 100 per cent record after two games in this group, but there was positive news elsewhere, as leaders Sweden were held 1-1 by Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the Republic of Ireland drew with Luxembourg.

Sweden now have seven points after three matches, while Ireland are on five points.

“There are two very delicate games coming up next time, with Bosnia and Sweden, but we started the group strong and that’s the important thing.”

7 thought on “Nicolato sees U21 Italy team forming”
  1. Grazie, Signore Nicolato, gli technichi, e gli raggazzi.

    Volgio bene a l’Italia degli mei genitori, i nonni, e degli mei parenti.

  2. We need a national program at federal and provincial level develop Italian talent and instruct technique and style of play. Along with

    To put actual money into sports especially school develop from young children through all to University.

    Like how America does, from grade school to high school to colleges with scholarships on athletics abilities by universities. With potential money he fields like football, tennis, golf, rugby, swimming, basketball.

  3. The FiGC has been investing better in the youth sytems and in the women’s game. Yes, agreed!

    Youth level CTs and the CT courses offered at Coverciano should emphasize how to teach technique on the ball and movements off the ball.

    The Seria A should begin when the PL and La Liga as well.

  4. Italy’s youth has come on leaps + bounds. I think Mancini + the FIGC deserve much credit! I only watched the 90 min’s of last seasons 5-3 loss to Portugal but their style of play impressed me. Raspadori was sure good that night. The commentator was flabbergasted at 1/2 time when Italy had had more possession than the Portuguese. Some stereotypes are difficult to shift it seems!?
    But you can see that Italy + more serie a sides now have a technical style by the type of players they’re producing, like Verratti, Sensi, Zaniolo, Tonali, Rovella, Vignato + Ricci to name a few!
    It’s strange how it kind of stagnated, as when I was a kid Italy was renowned for it’s youth + coaching set-up! They were always winning the U-21 international tournaments? But then you had to be pretty special just to be able to make it in serie a back then, such was the high level of competition in that era’s league!
    I was only a tot but the first Italy side that I can remember was in 1990 + the level of technical excellence in that side was quite awesome really. With the likes of El Franco Baresi, Ferri, Maldini, Giannini, Donadoni, Baggio + Mancini himself on occasion. With real flair up front in Vialli + Scillachi. It’s good to see them now playing in a similar vein again. That side was also similar in that until Toto came along they struggled to put teams away too, so it helps not to lose hope. Keep playing well + creating chances + someone will come along to finish them off!

  5. Absolutely right “House Party”. I would have worried if they didn’t create but they did and will. The only criticism was that they need to be more aggressive when in front of goal rather than trying to pass it into the net. I am confident that we will do well in getting to Qatar and also we will have a good World Cup. I am glad those individuals that have commented so negative blogs were not leading the Azzurri at the Euros as we would have gone out from the first game. Always POSITIVE and FORZA AZZURRI.

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