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La Gazzetta dello Sport


Boom boom Ronaldo, Juve fly.
They beat Sassuolo: four out of four and Allegri is at +3.
Shameful act by Douglas Costa, he will be punished for the spit at Di Francesco.

Higuain breaks his duck too, but Milan are slowed

No VAR like this

Cairo: “Unacceptable errors, in this case it’s better not to have it”.
The Toro President: “Berenguer’s goal was absolutely good, Valeri can’t make this mistake”.
And in Udine it’s a draw.

Inter in the Champions League, time is running out: Spalletti locks it up with three at the back

Tomorrow it’s Tottenham at San Siro.

Corriere dello Sport

Finally the Champions!

Ronaldo satisfies his hunger for goals with a brace that consolidates the Juve leadership

And now the obsession returns

Dybala from the start with CR7

Sassuolo hold out for a half, then the Portuguese star lights up

Babacar scores a consolation goal for 2-1

Allegri makes do with the result: ‘The spit? Unacceptable’

Douglas Costa lost his grip: first an elbow, then an attempted headbutt always on Di Francesco and eventually a spit in the face

Sent off via VAR

He apologises on Instagram, but will get at least a three-match ban

Milan and Roma drop points

Higuain breaks his duck in Cagliari, but it’s not enough: 1-1

Giallorossi from 2-0 to 2-2 against Chievo: Di Francesco in crisis

Pipita, the first Milanista goal

A perfect sprint, Cragno sent to ground and ball in the net: Higuain’s first was a masterpiece in timing and precision

Serie B: Salerno soars, Palermo what a comeback

Serie D: Bari and Avellino very strong starts

Tutto Sport

I am here!

Fourth consecutive victory, Sassuolo beaten too: Juve at +3 over Napoli

Ronaldo explodes with a brace and throws down the gauntlet to the Champions League rivals: on Wednesday the debut in Valencia

In Serie C, the Under-23s debut by losing 2-1 to Alessandria

Toro robbed: Referees, enough!

Draw in Udine, Granata dominate and score a great goal through Meite, but at 0-0 a valid Berenguer goal was disallowed

Cairo: ‘Get rid of VAR’

Douglas: fine up to €100,000

Juve fury and maxi suspension

Higuain breaks his duck and saves Milan

Cagliari close to a coup

Di Canio: ‘Inter, Nainggolan is the anti-Spurs’