Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona could face sanctions, including a ban from European competition, as a new judge in the Madrid court has lifted the injunction imposed on UEFA.

Juve, Real and Barça are the only three teams still formally involved in the breakaway Super League announced a year ago and collapsed within  48 hours from its launch. UEFA threatened sanctions for all the participants, including €100m fines and a ban from European competitions.

However, a Madrid court had imposed an injunction on UEFA, making it impossible for the European football governing body to take action against the clubs involved. The scenario has now changed as UEFA have won an appeal seeing the injunction lifted. This means that the three European giants could now face a ban from UEFA.

As of today, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are out from ECA but are still involved in European competition and haven’t faced any sanctions because of their attempt to create an alternative European competition for elite clubs. It remains to be seen if UEFA will take action and what consequences the three European giants could face.

17 thought on “New twist in Super League saga as Juve, Barça and Madrid could face UEFA sanctions”
  1. Pot and kettle all the way.

    UEFA have no problems at all with a new “Super” League – provided they are the ones profiting from it.

  2. I think the super league would be good. The UCL is kind of boring, You dont get too see many great games between big teams. The best game this year was probably Real v PSG or Real v Chelsea. Not many exciting games in the whole year of UCL. Mostly one sided games, and when big teams mess up one time (PSG, Dortmund, Man United) you never see them and their entertaining players again.

  3. Ban Juve, we want Roma in Champions League! We are going to hammer Leicester! Only real Italian team that can play against other teams from other countries. Just like this year, Italy’s only team still alive in out of Italy competitions.

  4. I miss juve in Serie b, ur life is just about juve. Did a Player got ur mum or ur boy friend, or why so salty?

  5. Juventus wanting to create a superleague is so funny considering they always suck in UCL after the rounds.

    And guys, you must all know who the SELFfunded things always turn out.

  6. Whatever EUFA’s decision. Serie A should take a stand against JUVE. A fine and/or points deduction. Their greed is unfair to other teams. If they form this new league, EUFA should kick them out. And Serie A should also. Let them lose that revenue and go on their traveling carnival show.

  7. The Champions League is not even a league but a cup tournament. So UEFA should leave Super League project alone as UCL can still be the cup tourney.

  8. M8 Roma are crap in Europe! Milan are the only club with a trophy cabinet full of European cup’s. History is there for all to see. Roma get hammered by big margins in most European games I watch them play.

    That’s the best excuse for them to start that league which imho is much better than a PARK THE BUS UCL

  10. juve have won 0 International trophies in the last quarter of a century, Super League hahaha. They can’t even beat Ajax, Lyon, Porto and Villarreal.

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