A new role has been created for former referee Danilo Giannoccaro, acting as co-ordinator of relations between the officials and Serie A and B clubs.

The appointment was announced after a series of protests from sides, coaches and players about recent decisions during matches, even with the use of VAR.

They called repeatedly for clarification and some explanation as to why some decisions were made.

The position of co-ordinator of relations between the CAN (Referees’ Commission) and Serie A and B clubs was held last season by another former referee Gianluca Rocchi, although the role seems to be expanded under this new tenure.

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina  explained the aim of the position will be to ‘inform and form the rules and the VAR protocol, as we all as acting as a conduit between referees and clubs.”

Giannoccaro was a referee who had 101 Serie A games under his belt before retirement, then was also a designator at various levels.

“My objective is to pass on to clubs the information on the rulebook and its application, as well as sharing and explaining the refereeing decisions on a weekly basis.”

The FIGC confirmed that they feel it is necessary to “intensify the dialogue” between clubs and refereeing authorities.

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