Nesta: ‘Ancelotti like a second father, I don’t judge Donnarumma’

by | Jul 10, 2021 09:47

Former Milan defender Alessandro Nesta hailed Carlo Ancelotti as a ‘second father’, said he doesn’t judge Gigio Donnarumma for leaving but believes new ‘transfer rules are needed’.

The former Lazio and Rossoneri had a successful career as a centre-back and decided he wanted to start coaching in 2015.

The 45-year-old’s coaching career started with Miami FC, but he returned to Italy to take over Perugia in May 2018.

Nesta then took over Frosinone a year later and after almost two seasons at the helm of the Serie B side, he was sacked in March 2021 and is currently without a job.

The former defender explained why he chose to become a coach and the former coaches who have inspired him.

“The fear of not entering the field anymore,” Nesta tol Sportweek. “Without competition, I don’t live.

“If you take that away, I don’t live. If you take that away, my brain shuts down.

“My role models? [Zdnek] Zeman was revolutionary, tactically light years ahead. I’m inspired by the management of the dressing room and the great players.

“It’s not easy to manage the champions. They are like women: complicated.”

He then focused on former Milan coach Ancelotti, who has returned to Real Madrid for a second stint ahead of 2021-22.

“He’s a second father, a coach who makes you live well even if he demands a lot,” Nesta said. “For him, I would have done anything.

“He’s one who doesn’t abandon the players, even if they make mistakes. He’s a sponge that absorbs problems and leaves them calm.

“[Former President Silvio] Berlusconi and [former CEO Adriano] Galliani were people used to winning, who certainly pushed the coach. Yet, he arrived at the pitch with a smile.”

Milan finished second in Serie A 2020-21 and are qualified for the Champions League and Nesta said ‘everyon’ at the Rossoneri have done ‘a great job’.

“Impressive. A great job was done by everyone,” he said. “After Berlusconi, Milan changed ownership and management twice.

“It means starting almost from scratch, with players signed by others that you have to keep because they have contracts for three to four years.”

Italy goalkeeper Donnarumma left the club when his contract expired and is set for Paris Saint-Germain ahead of 2021-22.

“The difference from my time is at Milan itself,” Nesta continued. “Then, I was already at the top, there was nothing better than Milan.

“Now, Milan aren’t yet at those levels. At those levels there are Manchester City and PSG, and if Donnarumma decides to go to one of the two, I don’t allow myself to judge.

“Has he made a mistake? These are his things, he will see. Rather, new rules are needed to regulate transfers: salary caps and sakes for the commissions of agents.

“Clubs have become like someone who has €10 in his wallet and claims to buy clothes that cost €1000.”

Alessandro Nesta


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