Juventus vice president Pavel Nedved believes the Financial Fair Play doesn’t work: ‘Has UEFA noticed it?’

Nedved was one of the guests at the Salone del Libro festival in Turin, where he spoke about the Allianz Stadium and the club’s vision for the future.

“We are proud of our stadium, we feel at home and the same goes for our fans, that’s what I think about our Stadium,” Nedved said as quoted by Calciomercato.com.

“The stadium where I liked to play the most is the Santiago Bernabeu, it’s always nice to play there.

“When you go on the pitch and look up to the stands, you feel like they are endless. It was always nice to play there,” he added.

“Same for Old Trafford, you can breathe history there. Manchester United are a club with tradition, same for Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Historically, they have something more.

“Juventus won many trophies with an experienced team, somebody retired, others are doing so. Therefore we have younger players.

“Juventus always look ahead, we’ve invested in important players, the future belongs to Juventus.”

The Serie A giants failed to win a tenth Serie A title in a row last season but managed to win the Coppa Italia and the Supercup.

“We were criticised, but maybe somebody hasn’t noticed that other clubs had won nothing for ten years,” Nedved said.

“We are used to it, we live with the pressure of winning. Whoever works and plays for Juventus must be aware of it.”

When asked about the Financial Fair Play, Nedved replied: “It doesn’t work. I hope UEFA noticed it.

“The idea should be to spend what you earn, not to spend more.”

Juventus host Roma at the Allianz Stadium after the break.

It kicks off at 19.45 UK time on Sunday.

The Old Lady has collected 11 points in seven Serie A games so far this season, but had a perfect start to their Champions League campaign with back to back wins against Malmo and title-holders Chelsea.


17 thought on “Nedved aims dig at UEFA over Financial Fair Play”
  1. What a hypocrite. Farcical fair Play only worked against the Milan clubs and Juventus would not have won everything (in Italy) for a decade if FFP had not hamstrung the Milan clubs spending.

  2. Urban, hes talking about europe. Not italy. Even if the fair play doesnt work as he is saying, that doesent mean that Juventus should not take advantage of it, like all the clubs does. The Milano clubs have done it to. So stop with your nonsense and try to see the bigger picture.

  3. Really Urban Sombrero?
    juve have never done anything invalid regarding fair play. Milan clubs have maneges things badly and still got to play in Europe. the question is why some other teams in europe are allowed to do as they want.

  4. Juve are 450m in debt, how the hell are they playing by FFP??, If everyone was punished the same way AC MILAN were with regards to ffp then maybe juve and inter wouldn’t be in the mess they are in, Milan have 0 net debt and owe nothing to banks in the form of loans or bonds , juve took 200m bond refinancing at start of year then took another 400m bond to refinance that debt from the start of the year, they are just passing the debt down the line hoping the super league gets the go ahead. It all has to be repaid somehow eventually, lets not even start about inters debt.

  5. Mike I hate to have to be the one to break the news to you but there has been a global pandemic for the last 2 years. Pretty much all the big club (that are not financed by nations) are in dire financial trouble.

  6. your right @Keefo, there has been a pandemic but maybe you should be breaking the news to these clubs that are doubling their debts year on year and not on AC MILAN who are cutting their losses in half year on year,

  7. Mike, you are aware that Milan’s low debt is because they had soooo much debt, their creditors took ownership of the business?

  8. Listen, folks, we all want calcio to do well so I suggest you get over your domestic rivalries when it comes to these things. At the end of the day, the bigger picture is that Juve, Milan, Inter, Roma, Napoli, etc. are all in the same boat fighting against ugly behemoths like PSG, Man City, Chelsea, now Newcastle, etc. that are trying to destroy the sport. Please see the big picture.

  9. I agree @JM it’s disheartening to see the comments on here constantly berating each other’s club whilst at the same time complaining about how other leagues are miles ahead of Serie A. We have our clubs we support and rivalries are normal but I’d rather see Italian clubs do well rather than foreign ones. Some people here would rather see good players leave for a rich foreign league rather than a local club and you wonder why Serie A is lagging behind. Fortunately, italian players have historically preferred to stay in the league and we have a good pool of local players now and we have shown this in the Euros.

  10. @Forzalex!!! silly mike, just ignoring the pardoned debt and pretending nothing ever happened , not much trophies to show in recent times either??? wonder where that money went to, ouch!!


  11. https://sempremilan.com/mn-economic-recovery-continues-as-debt-free-milan-halve-their-losses-the-situation There’s a big difference between operating losses and DEBT, like @keefo says there’s a pandemic and all clubs are operating losses, DEBT is what they have as a result of losses and operating costs but you kids keep patting yourselves on the back, Pardoned debt was part of the PURCHASE price of taking ownership of the club therefore AC MILAN has ZERO debt as of their latest financial statements, But you guys keep buying your bonds, still gotta pay them back somehow

  12. Mike, the accounts clearly show liabilities of 280m euros.

    Also you may want to look at the income statement – showing a loss of nearly 200m euro

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