Nations League brings added cash to Italy

Reaching the Nations League Final Four was not just about prestige and confidence, as it could bring up to €10.5m into Italy’s coffers.

The Azzurri won the so-called Group of Death, finishing ahead of Hungary, Germany and relegated England thanks to a 2-0 victory in Budapest on Monday night.

That means they will participate in the Final Four tournament, to be hosted by the Netherlands in June 2023.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, there is more than just prestige and a confidence booster involved in this achievement.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) will also earn an extra €4.5m just by winning their group.

More cash is guaranteed after the tournament itself, depending on where the Azzurri finish.

The winners pocket €6.5m, second place €4.5m, third gets €3.5m and fourth place just €2m.

Italy had already participated in the Nations League Final Four in 2021 and took the bronze medal with a third-place finish in the tournament they also hosted.

The other participants next summer will be the Netherlands, Croatia and either Portugal or Spain, to be decided tonight.

3 Comments on “Nations League brings added cash to Italy”

  1. Article says 10.5 but states wimner get 6.5 who steals the other 3.5 is the the thieving politicians that collect their piece?

  2. Italian, I believe winning the group gives you 4.5 plus if you win the tournament you get another 6.5 so 11 total? looks like Italia no matter where they finish will get minimum 6.5, 4.5 for winning their group and 2 million for coming in 4th place.

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