Napoli have won their appeal to reduce Victor Osimhen’s two-match ban, so he will be able to face Juventus this weekend in Serie A.

The Nigeria international was sent off for hitting out at Venezia player Daan Heymans during the opening game of the season.

He was initially handed a two-match ban, which would’ve ruled him out of both the trip to Genoa and the big clash with Juve.

Napoli were always confident an appeal to reduce the ban would be successful and they got the response they wanted this evening.

Osimhen’s suspension has been halved from two games to one, so he will be available to play against Juventus on Saturday.

The club had argued he lashed out in reaction to Heymans and did not ‘punch’ the player, as was suggested by the original disciplinary commission report.

Napoli have won both their Serie A matches so far this season, whereas Juventus have just one point from two rounds.

8 thought on “Napoli win appeal, Osimhen can face Juventus”
  1. and absolutely 0 people or creatures in the universe were shocked. what a pathetic waste of time. absolutely corrupt to the core. imagine being that frightened of a team winning again in your own league that you let the opposition get away with such pathic favouritism

  2. @martinn Who is corrupt here? As a neutral fan, I don’t think Osimhen deserved a two match ban in the first place. It was a very suspect to award the two match ban and I think this is the right decision.

  3. lol @ the juve fans in the comments. it was barely a yellow card offense in the first place. he didn’t even make contact with Heymans face and was just pushing him away after having his shirt tugged

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