Napoli want VAR files from Juventus games

by | Oct 26, 2021 08:56

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, Napoli are furious about the latest refereeing decisions in Serie A and a lawyer has suggested Aurelio De Laurentiis get the VAR files from Juventus games against Inter and Roma.

The Partenopei picked up a 0-0 draw against Roma on Sunday.

However, there was tension in the second half when referee Davide Massa didn’t award a penalty kick to the Partenopei for a contact between Zambo Anguissa and Matias Vina inside the Giallorossi’s box.

VAR didn’t intervene as it wasn’t considered a clear and obvious mistake, but the same didn’t happen in the evening when referee Maurizio Mariani gave a penalty kick to Juventus against Inter after a VAR check.

The official was close to Denzel Dumfries and Alex Sandro when the Inter defender collided with his opponent. However, VAR called him and the referee awarded a penalty kick to the Bianconeri.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, Napoli president is furious with AIA and referees as he expects uniformity in judgements.

Lawyer Erich Grimaldi, has reportedly suggested the Napoli owner request VAR audio from the last two Juventus games against Roma and Inter.

This is because, back in 2018, Juventus won a decisive game for the title away against Inter amid controversy while Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli lost the following day in Florence.

In that Juventus game, Miralem Pjanic was extremely fortunate not to receive a second yellow card for his foul on Rafinha, especially as Matias Vecino had already been shown a straight red.

FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Pecoraro revealed the VAR files from that game went missing so Napoli don’t want to repeat the same situation and could ask to get the audio dialogue between VAR and referee in Juventus’ last two games.

Aurelio De Laurentiis


  1. Google:Calcio’s Greatest Shame

    LOL “when the Inter defender collided with his opponent” its funny about all this talk about a legit penalty. I wonder if the same people was saying the same thing when de Ligt stept on Lautaro heel.

  2. Yepe

    As far as I remember as Inter fan since 1988, whenever there was controversies during derby D’Italia between Inter and Juve, most of them did not give advantages to Inter.

  3. Chris

    A reliable, unbiased view from an Inter fan that says there is an injustice to Inter? That’s refreshing to hear.

  4. The soup nazi

    Panic a second yellow card? He was lucky he didn’t get 6 months for GBH – studs straight into the players chest. The video evidence is there for all to see.

  5. Ravanelli

    Yes, that second yellow card (not even a disallowed goal or a penalty) was the moment that Napoli lost the title.

    Not the fact that they were hammered 3-0 by Fiorentina or the fact that they only managed to get a point from Torino in the following match.

    Always easier to blame others. That’s why ADL will keep wasting his money and get frustrated to the point of becoming ridiculous.

  6. The soup nazi

    All Rube fans can ever counter the accusations with is Moeatti started global warming and the pandemic and Inter/Napoli fans are biased etc. They can never counter with evidence…..because the evidence shows they are wrong or the evidence has gone ‘missing’.

  7. Abdulazeez Mohammed ismail

    With all due respect this is a controversial League. If not how can you say VAR files went missing…..

  8. Chris

    Totally pathetic. Napoli have dropped one point. What are they crying about?
    Juventus are way down the table and have conceded plenty of PKs.
    Roma got one just the other day against Juventus, but failed to score. Plenty of harsh VAR decisions against Juventus too, including removing the goal scored by Ronaldo in the first game of the season.

  9. boh!

    Prosecutor: “VAR files for that game went missing”

    Rubentus: “The Lazio eagle ate them”

  10. Solointer

    @Chris good point they’re just doing it ahead of time because they know once decisions starts going against them then the great start of the season would mean nothing. Inter won the league by 12 points clear that was despite receiving a lot of calls against them even in the Juve match as usual. Napoli wants to create pressure to officials so that they can get a few calls in their favour but in Italy it won’t work. The only team that will get saved by refs is and will continue to be Juve until maybe their president changes. As an inter fan I’m not worried because Juve will finish below Inter and against weaker teams inter have far more chances of getting points than any other team in serie a. For Milan and Napoli it’s only a matter of time before luck runs out and points start to be dropped like rainfall. Juve will continue scrapping away points but it won’t be enough this season or the next with Allegri.

  11. Frankie

    Hey Soup Nazi, is that the same evidence that went missing in favour of Inter when their phone taps during the calciopoli years strangely went missing until the statute of limitation expired and they could no longer be prosecuted for the exact same thing they accused Juve of? The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  12. frankie

    Same old Inter and Napoli fans whinging about losing games to Juve. That’s why Inter only has one star on its jersey and Napoli none. Only losers constantly complain. Funny how dubious decisions for Inter and Napoli get totally ignored by these people. Dumfires fouled Sandro in the box – that’s what VAR clearly showed so why the complaining – had it been the other way none of you would have said a word.

  13. Urban Sombrero

    @ Frankie – …and thats why Rube were only successful in Europe – files do not go missing in Europe. Success in the black and white era, and Boniek dived nearer the half way line than the penalty box to get the penalty!

  14. AEID

    I don’t get why juve fans are so upset? If you guys are on the up and up then there should be no issues for you guys. If anything it’ll make the other teams look ridiculous. Same can be said to the Italian FA. Give the recordings, prove your innocence and make inter and napoli look bad. Unless…….

  15. Milan Fan

    VAR files went missing?! Is this a joke?

    Now I’m starting to understand all those conspiracy theorists.

  16. Tom

    This man don’t think normal again you better face your Napoli …he really hate Juve progress

  17. Al

    It’s always Juve ! As if they should never win any game against any opponent because the refs always side by them !
    What a horrible sports culture!

  18. EMI

    The whining and and victimism of the Italian football culture is totally reflective of Italy, a country so stuck in the past, so fixed in looking in the rear view mirror that it has no clue where it’s going forward. I’m sure that with today’s technology we should be able to find out how much dope dead Inter players from the 1960s had in their system. Just look at how many died with degenerative diseases. And let’s enhance all the games for which there are films,. who knows we might change the outcome of the 1958 season or maybe even 1947 or 1975 etc. etc. Not too mention that only in Italy there can be two dinosaur owners like DeLaurentis and Lotito who still think and act like they’re in the 1930s.

  19. TSObhung

    FIAT is evil in calcio. and angel in F1. lol

  20. karlyboy

    who is the star player in this juventus team cos i don’t see any. you claim to have superstars and yet Latuaro martinez have more superior stardom to any player in this juve team

  21. Hipster

    “Napoli will have a legitimate shot at the scudetto – they really can win the scudetto if they trust Spalletti – if their president De Laurentiis keeps his mouth shut for the whole year. The second De Laurentiis opens his mouth about anything – Napoli won’t win because Spaletti has balls and does not need the president saying anything. Mark my words – if De Laurentiis keeps his big mouth shut, they will do well” – Christian Vieri

  22. Joey

    Seria A will continue to loose appeal so long as these controversial events keep happening. Seria A followers, especially Juventus fans need to ask themselves if this is worth the integrity and competitiveness of the league.

  23. Joe

    Seria A will continue to loose appeal so long as these controversial events keep happening. Seria A followers, especially Juventus fans need to ask themselves if this is worth the integrity and competitiveness of the league.


    @Chris… one point in one game? But there have been so many games in one season that referees decisions favors one team to make them win the league. You know how it’s being played, don’t pretend that you don’t know nothing , you only make yourself ridiculous.

  25. Joe

    Chris is only one of the editors that are being funding by the agnelli family to push for pro Juve narrative. They don’t relise the league they love is being left behind.

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