Napoli star Osimhen has ‘multiple facial fractures’

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has been diagnosed with multiple displaced facial fractures and will undergo surgery in Milan after a clash of heads with Inter defender Milan Skriniar.

Napoli fear cheek fracture for Osimhen

It was immediately apparent that this was a serious injury, as he caught his cheekbone on the top of Skriniar’s head in the accidental collision at San Siro.

He was visibly swollen around the left eye and cheekbone, and was able to walk off the pitch, albeit clearly dazed.

Osimhen was taken to the San Raffaele hospital for tests, which showed multiple displaced fractures of the left cheekbone and orbital bone.

The Nigeria international forward will undergo surgery in Milan and has been transferred to the Niguarda hospital, where he will remain overnight under observation.

Initial reports suggest that Osimhen could be out of action for at least a month.

It’s devastating news, especially as Osimhen is also set to leave Napoli in January to play for Nigeria in the Africa Cup of Nations.

He is their top scorer this season with five Serie A goals and four in the Europa League.

9 Comments on “Napoli star Osimhen has ‘multiple facial fractures’”

  1. I hope he recover soon and no further issues. It goes to show how important it is to take any challenge with potential head injury serious.

  2. Amazing that Skriniar emerged practically unscathed. Nothing dirty in the play either. Just two players committed to getting the ball and Milan was slightly better positioned and first to it. A big loss to Napoli today, in more ways than one.

  3. @luigi , skriniar is the son of Odin, he’s tough though fortunate..
    I wish osimen quick recovery as we also need him to play for us in the afcon

  4. All defenders playing against Napoli have been given “Carte Blanche” from the corrupt and under control Italian disgusting referees to relentlessly beat Napoli’s players up, especially Osimhen.
    The infinitely corrupt Italian football establishment just could not live with the idea of Napoli was unbeaten, and the likeliest to win the scudetto, therefore they will do their utmost to prevent that as they have been doing for decades. Inter should have had at least 2 men sent off, no one talks about it; Djeko and that brainless meat head called Bastoni who got away with murder.

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