Napoli reveal Politano injury details

Matteo Politano could remain out of action for more than two weeks after suffering a ‘tear to his right anterior talofibular ligament.’

The Italian winger pulled out of the Azzurri squad earlier this week after being subbed off in Napoli‘s 2-1 win over Milan Sunday.

Politano broke the deadlock from the spot at San Siro.

However, Luciano Spalletti may be forced to do without the 29-year-old for more than two weeks now.

Matteo Politano underwent tests on Thursday, revealing that he has suffered a tear to his right anterior talofibular ligament,” the Azzurri said in an official statement.

“The Napoli striker had to leave the Italian national side’s training camp earlier in the week and will now work towards recovery at the SSCN Konami Training Centre.”

Former Italy’s team doctor Enrico Castellacci analysed Politano’s injury during an interview with Radio Marte, estimating his recovery time: “He should remain out of action for circa two weeks. You could tell from TV that the injury was tricky. Based on the club’s statement, it should be too severe. It’s not easy to make predictions, but he could be back in action in 20 days.”

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  1. Especially sucks with Osimehn out, they re really using that depth. Hate to have to rely on Lozano though.

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