Napoli confirm Zielinski has COVID-19 after skipping quarantine

Napoli confirm that midfielder Piotr Zielinski has tested positive for COVID-19 again and is self-isolating at home, just days after he skipped a quarantine order against Juventus.

The Poland international had already been in doubt to play against Juventus on Thursday evening, as he had been ordered into quarantine by the ASL (local health authority).

This is because his vaccination was over 120 days ago, so he did not qualify for the enhanced quarantine rules for close contacts, along with teammates Amir Rrahmani and Stanislav Lobotka.

Zielinski had already contracted COVID-19 in October 2020 and was positive for circa three weeks.

A statement this evening confirms Zielinski tested positive in the latest round of swabs.

He is self-isolating at home and has no symptoms.

It now remains to be seen what Napoli will do with the other two players who are outside the quarantine exemption clause.

The Lega Serie A introduced a new protocol and sued the ASL from various regions in order to stop them over-ruling it.

However, Zielinski testing positive when he should’ve been in quarantine will not help their case.

It is still not clear whether Zielinski, Lobotka and Rrahmani got the all-clear to avoid the quarantine in Turin or if Napoli simply risked a fine by ignoring the order.

7 Comments on “Napoli confirm Zielinski has COVID-19 after skipping quarantine”

  1. So they let him play against Juventus and he had a good shot on goal ! 🤦🏻‍♂️
    If Juve did this AISI will open investigation the next day and Juventus will be relegated for endangering human lives.

    NOW Wait and see how many Juve players get Covid because of close proximity.
    Serie A trying to force teams into playing games was the dumbest move ever.
    Their beef with the ASL is already dumb as it is, and now they risk players health.

  3. So what punishment is going to be met out to Napoli? Has to be a points deduction. If it was Juve that broke protocols, De Laurentis would be screaming like a stuck pig.
    The Serie A has lost the plot – no wonder it is now just a sideshow of world football.

  4. One minute Juve call Napoli scared to go to Torino because of Covid, The next they want to blame all their ills on Napoli for traveling. Serie A are run by clowns.

  5. Juventus fans and the whole club should keep their mouths shut and just let people think they are ignorant rather that open their mouths and leave people with no doubt.

  6. I told you juve have no regard for their own players’ safety, if they all get covid now it’s 100% the fault of their own club.

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