Napoli and Juventus qualify for 2022-23 Champions League

by | May 1, 2022 21:45

Napoli and Juventus have qualified for the 2022-23 Champions League campaign thanks to Roma’s draw with Bologna.

The Partenopei did their job with a 6-1 victory over Sassuolo on Saturday, while Juve saw off Venezia 2-1 this afternoon with Leonardo Bonucci’s brace.

They were one point away from securing their spots in the top four for this season, but Roma got the party started early by failing to get the better of Bologna in a 0-0 result at the Stadio Olimpico.

It is the return of Napoli to the Champions League after a two-year absence, when they were playing in the Europa League.

Juventus confirm a top four finish despite a dismal start to the campaign and now have 69 points after 35 rounds, the same number as Andrea Pirlo achieved in Serie A on the Bianconeri bench last season.

They cannot now be caught by Roma, Lazio or Fiorentina in the table with three rounds still to be played.

Milan and Inter had already guaranteed their Champions League qualification and will fight it out for the Scudetto.


  1. Ale

    It’s a shame for juve when we saw at the start of the season, with the best squad possible in the league (morata, ronaldo, dybala, kulusevski, chiesa, locatelli, arthur, danilo, de ligt, bernardeschi) and in the mid season they add more quality in dusan and zakaria but still can only show pathetic, lousy and aimless games

    Salute to ac milan and napoli and also fiorentina and roma who can entertaint the league with their strong character style of play


    @Ale Yes Juve play terrible football but from they guys you mentioned, who was actually available or contributed? Ronaldo left, Kulu, left, Chiesa missed half the season, Dybala and Arthur were constantly injured, Locatelli had to carry the entire midfield on his own and was exhausted in every game and eventually got injured and will miss the rest of the season, Morata can’t even score 10 goals while other CFs score 30, Berna doesn’t do anything and the others are defenders. Only on paper does the roster look good and even there it’s questionable. On the pitch everyone is either injured or underperforming.

  3. Dx


  4. Alessandro


  5. JuveFella

    It’s official
    Season 1 without Ronaldo & Juve has already qualified for UCL
    = Juve has done better without Ronaldo

  6. Cris

    @Ale only Chiesa, Locatelli and de Light are worthy the rest of them are average players that should not be at Juve squad.

    Btw…stop the hate…fino alla fine! Forza Juve!

  7. Francesco

    Congratulations to juventus on reaching their seasonal objective once more like last season. Will the 4th place trophy be paraded in a bus in Turin?

  8. ROs

    Ale and THE MASTER
    I don’t agree with Ale. First of all, Dusan joined in the middle of the season, while CR7 was replaced by… Moise Kean. And the only reason for that is because the princess decided to leave for MU a few days before the closing of the TW. The second thing is the constant injuries, and especially losing Chiesa, and Dybala. What do you expect from a front line with Morata and Kean being the font two in some games? I would also add that Chiellini was injured more than he played.
    Furthermore, everyone at the club agreed, that this is going to be a transition season with the squad being rebuilt – CR7 and Dybala, and most likely Morata out, Vlahovic in. Let’s be fair, we blew the start of the season completely. We were missing players in every position except GK.
    Let’s conclude (main changes): CR7, Superman Gigi, Demiral, and later Kulu+Bentancur (1/2 season) left. Who’s in? – Vlahovic and Zakaria (1/2 season), Locatelli, Perin, Kean, Pellegrini, De Sciglio. You decide if Max or Pirlo had a better squad at their service.
    Plating without a main striker for over half the season and still, the stats are not as bad.

    Last season 23 wins, 9 draws, 3 losses. 77 scored, 38 conceded (goal difference 39). 78 points
    This season 20 wins, 9 draws, 3 losses. 54 scored, 31 conceded (goal difference 23). 69 points+3 games left against Genoa (away), Lazio (home) and Fiorentina (away). My prediction is 7 points out of a possible 9. + the Coppa Italia final against printer (but this time we play at Stadio Olympico).

    If we get Raspadori+great midfielder like Pogba, and a replacement for Chiellini (let’s face it, he’s good but he’s getting old), than we can battle for Scudetto again.


    With their current squads, the Last 16 would be an achievement.

    No Italian club is anywhere near CL level.


    I honestly think that if players like Morata, Dybala, Chiesa and Rabiot were playing with a purpose Juventus would have been challenging for the league. The problem was that these players had let Juventus down because they did not accept Allegri’s more pragmatic way of playing a league game every weekend from August to November last year. By the time they did, fans had turned against the manager badly, the players mentioned were injured or continuously out of form. Vlahovic has been a good buy, but he worries me during games in that he seems to be following the trend of Morata and Dybala and not playing with the more patient system, and getting uncessarily upset with the referee for not getting a foul against him. That is not what he was signed for, and he needs to get back to what he was doing 6-9 months ago, and hopefully he will do that once Morata and Dybala are sold to Spanish and English clubs respectively.
    For those who have tried all season to say that Allegri has brought Juventis backwards, please accept that your owner has unfortunately and systematically caused the decline of a 8 consecutive time Serie A club, and it will take time to identify the players needed to get back to where they were in 2017 before Ronaldo started the rot from 2018 to 2021.

  11. Art

    I guess juve are so low because normally without VAR they get 8-12points Every season

  12. FallaF

    FORZA JUVE!!! ☀️☀️☀️

  13. Fatecisognare

    Lot of haters on here. Ronaldo guarantees 30 goals a season and between Dybala and Morata, they couldn’t get half. That’s the difference this season. With an extra 30 goals, Juve would have walked this mediocre league.
    But that would have papered over existing cracks. The team needed to be rebuilt 4 years ago and the midfield problem was never addressed. We’ve not had a good playmaker since Pirlo left and that’s a problem when linking the back to the front line. Then there have been countless injuries and the one for Chiesa weighed heavily both for Juve and Italy.
    All considered, Max did a miracle this season.
    Now, our Winter Champions on the other hand had the league winning team who’d all played together, they reinforced and they’re still trailing at this stage. Anything other than a league win will be a disaster for them since they are not in transition…quite the opposite, they’re in their peak. So be careful when you laugh at Juve who’ve recently satiated themselves with 9 titles in a row (plus doubles in some of those) because next year will be a different story. It will be an angry Juve.
    Ps. Comment about var… Did you guys see the penalty given yesterday? Silence, please.

  14. Francesco


    Which penalty? The correct Dzeko one ? When there was contact. Oh well I guess juventini are not familiar with rules after getting helped for decades. It was certainly more of a penalty than the Cuadrado’s one last season that made you finish 4th not 5th. And Inter lost Lukaku, Hakimi and Eriksen, how is that reinforcing lol. Genius.

  15. Fatecisognare

    @Francesco Stop making excuses for the capitulation of the Winter Champions. If you watched the Torino game, you’d know how much you were helped. But refs aside, the Winter Champions are have been consistently great this season, right? No-one can take that Winter title away from you.

  16. Ahmed Hossam

    Winter champions? til now Inter are still the reigning Italian Champions. You were in a coma in 2020-21 right? Or following golf?

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