Italian media raise questions over José Mourinho’s management of Roma following the Special One’s outburst in the aftermath of a 1-1 draw with Servette in the Europa League.

Roma’s draw in Geneva on Thursday kept them in second place in Group G, two points below Slavia Praha, meaning the Giallorossi could be forced to play in the Europa League knock-out phase against a Champions League club in February.

Mourinho was highly critical of his players’ attitude after the game, saying that some had been ‘superficial’.

Mourinho’s outburst has been analysed by Sky Sport Italia and their correspondent in the capital, Paolo Assogna.

“Mourinho was born with a winning mentality so if in his third season, he cannot transmit his DNA to the team, it’s a problem,” said the journalist on Friday.

“What’s the issue? Is he not able to make himself understand or is it the team that has limits and can’t go beyond a certain level of concentration and attitude?”

Surely, the reply must come quickly because Roma have several key meetings in Serie A over the next few weeks. The Capitoline will meet Fiorentina, Bologna, Napoli and Juventus before the start of the new year, while 2024 will begin with a home fixture against Atalanta and a trip to the Stadio Meazza to face Milan.

“The big question still is why this team can’t improve in terms of mentality?” asked Assogna.

Mourinho’s long-term future at the Stadio Olimpico remains uncertain as the Special One’s contract expires this coming June and there are no reports of contract negotiations with Roma owners as of now.

3 thought on “Mourinho’s outburst raises questions about his Roma management”
  1. 01. Mou is known for his outburst & sometimes, well often blames the referees or even the press for his failure. No surprise at all. 02. Last but not least, Roma is also known for its inconsistency. Yes, we have some of the most loyal & amazing fanbase, but only few trophies in our cabinet obviously show the quality of Roma. Sad but true.

  2. Ha ha! This guy could show up at training with a Lazio tattoo and wearing french knickers and the Rometta faithfull would still think him a hero!

  3. Mourinho sure needs no validation from trolls like this. If certain players who are expected to be intense refused to raise their own mental capacity, how would that be the problem of the coach? Mourinho has raised the game of several players in that team, even the youth players and they’ve spoken of his impact on their games. So, sussh it, Mr. Troll, you don’t expect the coach to praise mediocre players that are dragging the team back. Besides, what do you know Mourinho is doing in the locker room and at training to build the players’ resilience?

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