Mourinho ‘tired’ of referees being suspended for mistakes after Roma matches

by | May 13, 2022 16:17

Jose Mourinho said on Friday he is tired of seeing referees suspended for mistakes made against his Roma side.

Mourinho demanded an explanation following VAR official Luca Banti’s decision to order an on-field review after a coming together between Roma’s Rick Karsdorp and Fiorentina‘s Nico Gonzalez.

It eventually resulted in a penalty which set Fiorentina on their way to a 2-0 victory and Banti has since been suspended for the rest of the campaign.

Speaking ahead of his Roma’s clash with Venezia, Mourinho said: “We are tired of VAR officials only being punished and suspended following errors made against us.

“Suspending them means admitting the error, but who gives us back the points?”

Referee Fabio Maresca was also suspended following Milan‘s 3-2 win over Roma in November.

Since his return to Serie A as Roma coach, Mourinho has regularly criticised the officiating with his comments post-Fiorentina only the latest in a long line of negative comments towards referees. 

Meanwhile, Mourinho has dismissed suggestions his side have taken their eye off the ball in Serie A after reaching the final of the Europa Conference League. 

Roma are winless in four league matches. They sit in sixth place – level on points with eight-place Atalanta but could still finish fifth with two wins if Lazio fail to pick up three points. 

“We want to finish fifth or sixth, the positions we have been in all season,” he added. “I’m not worried about this possible lack of concentration.”



  1. NOrata

    Win’s a fluky treble and never anything else despite having insane budgets. Great at Moaning though. Moaninho.

  2. Pasta

    You’re not to bright are ya @NOrata!! Did he have an insane budget when he won the Champions League with Porto?? Poor Norata, your anger shows how much Mourinho lives in your head!! 🥴

  3. NObrain-a

    @NOrata: Champions league, Portuguese league & cup with Porto, multiple EPL titles, Spanish treble, Europa League … But yeah, he’s won ”nothing” else than the Inter treble. He only knows how to ”moan”.

  4. ROMAntic

    Again, I would like to ask someone to research how many refs (VAR refs included) have been suspended after damaging Roma. (I don’t know where or how to look this up myself.) I believe it happened at least 6 times.

    I dislike Mourinho, but he is right to point out the subpar refereeing in Serie A. They don’t even know the offside rule (SpeziaLazio) or the advantage rule (in Juve-Bologna, Cuadrado was allowed to shoot on empty goal. Because he hit the crossbar, VAR gave Juve a free kick for a foul that occurred earlier …& Bologna received two red cards! LOL)

  5. nyr2k2

    Every team in Serie A has complaints about the officials. Several teams at the top of the table have had multiple terrible decisions go against them. I don’t know why Mourinho acts as if the egregious errors are against Roma. Recall the time when the young referee Serra made the horrible mistake to take away Messias’ winner against Spezia, and Milan eventually lost? He was suspended and even sent back to Serie B. It’s all year, in every game. It’s fair for him to criticize, but he loses me when he portrays Roma as some special victim in this.

  6. Bruno Tome

    @NOrata let me get this straight, you defend Allegri who doesn’t come close to Mourinho’s winning record but you criticize Mourinho? Mourinho has won trophies with Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Madrid, Chelsea again, and Manchester United, while Allegri doesn’t dare to step foot out of Italy. Allegri won thanks to Conte’s previous work and with no competition whatsoever. Show more respect, clown.

  7. Rorb

    @norata it’s supposed to be an entertaining sport not hating. Personally I couldn’t watch Roma games for 30mins last 3-4yrs but now any day and time 90mins, that’s the edge Mour got.

  8. ROMAntic

    Check how many times this year refs were suspended for damaging Inter, Juve, Milan, Lazio COMBINED …then check how many refs were suspended for damaging Roma. See if that’s “special” for you.

    PS: I can’t stand Jose. He’s spoiled & arrogant crybaby, ALWAYS COMPLAINING about his players, opponents, injuries, other team’s tactics, weather, pitch condition, fixture list… His “winning mentality” always blames someone else, it’s disgusting.
    …He’s right about the refs though. Roma this year was MUCH BETTER than Juventus, yet are bizzarely multiple points behind them.

  9. forzaroma

    Everyone complaining about Mourinho complaining, can you actually respond to the allegation?? How many times has. a ref been suspended for a bad decision against your team? For Roma it is 6, so thats AT LEAST 6 times the error was so bad they had no choice but to accept complaint the official made a very bad call and is suspended. So if Mourinho points out facts, especially considering his record, it may be worth looking at. Incidentally 6 times, 6 games, thats a LOT of points. As Ive been saying all season and as Mourinho is pointing out, suspending a referee after the match for a shockingly bad call doesn’t help us one bit at all. It helps our league rivals tho!

  10. NOrata

    Mourinho WAS a great ma anger. Did miracles at Porto and then took favourable conditions at Inter (remember he had absolute zero competition at home so could focus exclusively on the CL and really rode his luck there), but ok, still did great. And then went to teams that if even most of you guys sitting in your underpants would clean up at. Real winning domestic treble? And?? Impossible not to. Same with Chelsea. Would a top of his game manager really go to this Roma?
    And on Allegri, I don’t defend him unconditionally. I just accept that this isn’t the team he built so he needs a summer transfer window to show his value. If he sucks next season, that’s on him. Personally I’d have liked Zidane at Juve once he’d left the first time, instead of throwing years in the bin with Sarri and Pirlo (no offence to the latter but the patience wasn’t there for him to grow in the job).

  11. Michael

    Can someone explain why Banti would be suspended for telling the ref to review something? Isn’t that his job? And the ref then decides whether it is in fact worthy of a penalty? Are they saying it shouldn’t have been a penalty, in which case it’s the ref at fault? Or it should have been, in which case what’s the problem?

  12. NOrata

    The whole Var system is confused because it’s applied inconsistently. As faulty as it was, to not kill them game, refs should be left to make calls and that’s it. Var can be used for offside reviews and to check whether or not the ball has crossed the line, like hawkeye in tennis.

  13. Forza Roma

    I myself only watch Roma matches, so I only know the number of error against Roma were too high. Would love to see all the numbers every team suffered too. This ref errors need to end asap!

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