Mourinho storms off ‘before I get banned’

by | Oct 31, 2021 21:57

Jose Mourinho refused to answer questions from the media or mention the refereeing after Roma’s defeat to Milan, as otherwise ‘I won’t be on the touchline next week’ due to a ban.

Serie A | Roma 1-2 Milan: Ibrahimovic inspires at the Olimpico

This was the first ever Serie A home defeat in Mourinho’s career after 43 games unbeaten, but also the Giallorossi’s first in the league since March 2021.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic inspired the victory for the Rossoneri, scoring a goal with a free kick that pierced the wall and earning a penalty converted by Franck Kessie.

Stephan El Shaarawy pulled one back in stoppages after Theo Hernandez saw red, but it was not enough to turn it around.

Mourinho refused to answer questions from the studio, because he assumed any response would trigger a ban.

“Compliments to Milan,” he told DAZN. “I don’t want to say anything else, because otherwise I won’t be on the touchline next week.

“I am angry at the lack of respect shown to the Roma fans. We did not play well, but we left everything on the pitch. We have that respect, others do not, and that angers me.

“That is all.”

He then stormed off.

Mourinho also blew through his press conference with similar speed, adding only one other sentence.

“I made an effort and did not wait for the referee.”


  1. serie a lover

    mourinho is fun to watch on the touchline for his antics. i felt the referee was not consistent. surely that was a pk for the foul on pellegrini. if he gave the pk for ibra he had to give for that.

  2. Hombre

    If Pioli behaved like Murinio he’d get seven red cards tonight.

  3. Adam


  4. qwerty

    Roma got crushed 11 vs 11. Jose is doing fine job taking the spotlight after that performance. Ref’s decisions kept them in the game but that was not a team for top 10 of the Serie A.

  5. Joe

    If Jose is hinting at Ibra’s interaction with fans then Jose needs to understand it started with the fan abuse of Ibra and Kessie. Hopefully Serie A fines Roma so Jose can sort of understand what really happened tonight.

  6. Milan Fan

    Milan won fair and square, and should’ve done it with a heavier score line. Work on your team Jose, you were no match for Milan 11 vs 11.

  7. Ranajaya

    @qwerty Definitely not top 4 worthy, but to exclude them from top 10 is exaggeration. Milan on their full intention was forcing Juve to park a bus in their own turf. let alone this crybaby Roma
    Yes they were being toss around like pinball 11 vs 11. They were forced to play with Milan’s rhythm.

  8. Abdulazeez

    There needs to be correlation between the VAR and the referees, there’s no consistency at all between matches. Week in week out there seems to be controversies regarding referees in Serie A its high time those in charge to intervene and find solutions.

  9. Sam

    Im not sure Mou will make it the end of season but at this point he probably doesnt wish to.

  10. Trijan

    Murinjo is up to Christmas after that he will looking for job
    Every where he goes he make players animal. They fight ,they are so nervous
    Murinjo is such idiot. First 45 min where was Roma no shut on Milan goli
    2 half they were luck they took off with read card .Plus Milan couch ,put all defenders makes the game so easy for opponents Girudu is no where. I don’t know how Maldini made mistake with this guy. He should be to collect balls around pitch.

  11. Rio

    No doubt that Milan were the better team and deserving of victory overall. But that doesn’t take away from the fact refereeing situation in serie A is getting a little rediculous, everything is a foul now. And there is almost always a dodgy penalty given in matches between the big teams ,ibra got a pen on Ibanez making contact while winning the ball, if that’s the criteria to win. Penalties then Roma could arguably of had 3 penalties in the later stages of the match. The inconsistency’s of the refereeing decisions is glaring I remember when a player had to make a proper legit foul to give away a penalty. Now a striker can trip himself up to gain a pen. The red card given too the Venezia player during midweek paints a sad picture of Italian football refereeing

  12. dan

    Serie A is averaging more than twice the number of pens as the premier league this season – think that says it all. 3 penalties for Roma?! Haha come on, let’s not be silly now.

  13. Wesley

    Well. Mou this downhill unfortunately

  14. Ryo

    Consistency is the real issue here. I see no issue with them awarding that pen to Ibra since Ibanez clearly took out the player to get to the ball.

    The only issue I have is why the heck did they not call the same pen against Inter when D’Ambrosio took out the Empoli attacker in the Penalty box before touching the ball in the Inter v Empoli match. It was clearly a penalty and Empoli could have gone 1-0 up.

    But sure Inter fans just try to sweep that sorta thing under the rug when it doesn’t fit their narrative I guess.

    Consistent refereeing is all we ask for. Is it so hard Italy?

  15. Eche

    Don’t be afraid so quick, inter is coming for your Milan ad will weep them as usual

  16. Guy sorce

    Poor Jose, counter attacks everyone to take the spotlight off himself. A once great coach hasn’t evolved with the game and that’s why he’s at a mid table team. He should have started with the team that ended the game and would have given Milan a harder game. It was never a pen on Pellegrini or a handball, even VAR didn’t raise the issue. Roma fans stop blaming the refs or the players……you coach needs to look at himself.

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