Jose Mourinho accompanied the Roma players to salute the away fans at Marassi after the humiliating 4-1 defeat to Genoa, marking his worst ever start to a season.

The coach usually walks straight off at the final whistle, whether there is a positive or negative result, preferring to leave the squad to their own devices.

However, he realised this evening that they needed him to stand up and provide his presence as they walked over to the understandably angry Giallorossi supporters who had made the journey to Genoa for this Thursday night match.

They were chanting ‘We want respect’ and ‘We’ve had enough’ as well as the now traditional chant of ‘Show some balls.’

Their start to the season has been dismal with only one win, a 7-0 over Empoli, and five points in six Serie A rounds.

This also represents a new personal record for Mourinho, beating the previous worst of seven points in the opening six games of the Premier League season with Chelsea in 2015-16.

Including last term, Roma have only two wins in their last 15 Serie A fixtures.

5 thought on “Mourinho stands with Roma players after worst ever start”
  1. @laziale and I hope lazio fans stop hallucinating that your club is one of the biggest clubs in Serie A.

  2. @Udayon I hope they give him time, it’ll be a nice relegation fight.

    Mourinho for life 😅😅😅😅

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