Mourinho relishes Roma experiences he ‘couldn’t have at Inter’

Jose Mourinho confirms he is happier than ever at Roma, enjoying their ‘truly unforgettable’ celebrations when he couldn’t do the same at Inter, getting that ‘unique’ tattoo and being furious Italy didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

The Special One famously won the Treble at Inter in 2010 and left for Real Madrid, followed by experiences at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham before the return to Italy with Roma last year.

Now into his second season with the Giallorossi, Mou has already made history by helping them win their first ever UEFA tournament, the Conference League.

“I always say that training grounds are the same all over the world and the lifestyle is always the same, you go in at 7.30am and you leave at 6.30pm,” Mourinho told Esquire Italia magazine.

“So in that sense, it changes little whether you are living in an incredible city like Rome or a cold, dark and hidden away place. What changed in my life is that I am happy at this club and get along with everyone. I do feel happy in Italy.”

The Portuguese boss seemed particularly moved by the celebrations after the Conference League victory and even got a tattoo of all the three UEFA trophies he has won.

“It was truly unforgettable. When we won the Champions League with Inter, I didn’t go to Milan because I wanted to join Real Madrid and felt that if I went back there, I would not be able to leave again.

“This time was different, I wanted to remain at Roma and continue with this club. At those moments, you realise that you don’t win for yourself, it’s not a personal joy. The people are everything, they show you what you’ve achieved and make you feel part of a truly special family.

“I had promised that tattoo to everyone, a tattoo only I could have: all three European Cups won. I could get another tattoo if my children were to have kids, that’d be a special way to celebrate it, but no more football-related tattoos.”

The Scudetto race is again wide open and Roma face a fight to qualify for Europe once again, this time targeting the top four.

“Serie A had a difficult period after I left – but not because I left, just in case anyone thinks I’m saying that. The quality dropped and the league didn’t have much appeal abroad. However, coming back I found an exhilarating league, competitive, where players come from the Premier League.

“There are coaches with interesting ideas, who play attacking and ambitious football. Then there are clubs like Roma who are growing off the field too, bring more and more fans to the stadium, so the evolution is positive.”

However, after Italy won the EURO 2020 tournament, they then failed to even qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“If you love football, it is difficult to accept,” said Mourinho. “I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, so Italy were extraordinary at that time. The Azzurri have always been a reference point in world football.

“Working here, I feel that I can refute the argument Italian football just doesn’t have the talent pool, because that is not true. There is talent in Italy, therefore Italy ought to reach the World Cup.”

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