Mourinho rejects Tapiro d’Oro award – again

by | Nov 10, 2021 15:43

Roma coach Jose Mourinho refused to accept the Tapiro d’Oro comedy award, just as he had done while working at Inter in January 2009.

The award is handed out by the satirical news programme Striscia La Notizia and goes to people in the news for a situation that has left them with a long face, hence the tapir.

It is most times accepted with a laugh and good grace, but some do not want to play along with the Canale 5 show.

When television presenter Valerio Staffelli arrived at the Roma training ground with the award, Mourinho decided to ignore him entirely, getting into the car without comment and driving away.

This is not a new experience for Mourinho or Staffelli, because the same process played out the last time the Portuguese tactician was chosen for the Tapiro d’Oro.

That scenario occurred while Mou was at the helm of Inter in January 2009.


  1. putuco

    classless is classles…. zero surprise

  2. Juve fan

    What a weirdo

    I’m sorry to all Roma fans… they got rid of Fonesca for this?

    Roma deserves a manager who will bleed for them, not himself

  3. Ralp

    The real classless I can see here is you clueless fan commenting on here, someone is in a demanding job and putting in his everyday and things are not working out and he knew if things get worst than as they already are no one is gonna sack the players , it’s the coach that will pay for it, and you show up with one useless award and you are expecting a welcome laugh ? go get busy

  4. Dom

    How odd when this could be only trophy he will win with Roma this season 😀

  5. Roman

    So funny that anything Mou does will trigger these Milan and Juve fans. Just get a life!

  6. rosario

    the last time he was awarded the tapiro d’oro, he nearly ran over the guy who tried to present him with the trophy.


    Give him some time before judging, it`s not like Roma have a top mentality squad!

  8. Burky

    The only trophy he could win with Roma

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