Mourinho installs drone and screen at Roma ground

by | Jul 18, 2021 16:24

Jose Mourinho introduced some intriguing new elements to the Roma training ground, including a drone and giant screen so he can show players their mistakes in real time.

The Special One is keeping up to date with the latest technology and bringing new techniques to his preparations.

As seen on the official Roma Twitter account, Mou has requested a personalised Roma drone to hover above the pitch and film his players.

This allows his staff to get a perfect view of their shape and movements on the field.

It’s hardly a new approach, as Maurizio Sarri already did this at Napoli several years ago.

The change under Mourinho is that he also had a giant screen installed on the wall of the Trigoria training ground.

That way, he can pause training, pull them all back and allow the players to watch their errors within seconds of committing them.

It’s a great use of technology to help him show his tactics to the team.


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