Mourinho in a hurry to improve Roma squad – report

Jose Mourinho is reportedly concerned about the slow progress of Roma’s transfer market and he’s pushing for some reinforcements ahead of the pre-season training camp.

The Portuguese coach is keen to continue his work building a serious project in the Italian capital and he wants a strong starting 11 to build off of, able to compete for a top four finish next season. He’s in constant talks with sporting director Tiago Pinto and he wants multiple signings to arrive in time for the pre-season training camp on July 5.

As detailed by La Repubblica, Mourinho is restless watching the other teams carrying out transfer market moves whilst his Roma remains stationary. He does understand the club’s budgetary restrictions but had also hoped that a little more investment would’ve came following the Conference League victory.

Roma must sell before they can buy, and everything seemingly starts with Nicolo Zaniolo. Mourinho has already lost Henrikh Mkhitaryan, which he didn’t take well, and his only arrival so far is Nemanja Matic, although Lille’s Mehmet Zeki Celik is incredibly close to joining as well.

The Portuguese coach also wants a new defender, two new midfielders and a winger, as well as a new forward if Nicolo Zaniolo leaves.

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  1. @lupo how so? Jose was given 100 million last window and did Roma get top 4? They didn’t instead Pinto panic bought Shomurodow and Vina for 35 million 2 players that had minimal impact. Jose started using Zalewski a winger and Afena form academy instead of those 2 that’s how bad they were. Also Jose never used players like Diawara etc so their value tanked even more so how can you sell those guys if they spent all season in the stands and they have big wages that club has to get rid off before they can sign new players.

  2. If Mourinho needs so many new players that Roma cant afford, perhaps he’s the wrong coach. Roma should have stayed with a coach that gets results from a more modest squad… Fonseca was perfect for Roma and a little investment would have seen them even better last season

  3. People forget so quick, Roma just won an European cup which they have never won before. Now compare formal coach to someone that just win a 🏆. Is annoying….
    Though, people have to their opinion anyway.

  4. Yeah, Jose likes to plan in advance, that comes with experience. Roma should know that.

    Check how Jose recommended Chelsea aging squad

    Check how Jose shared his opinion on Man U squad

  5. This guy is very unlucky when it comes to transfers ,Man u mislead him after promising him heaven and earth then Mr Daniel Levy

    Now is Roma he will start the season as the angry one if they don’t improve his squad and that will be the begging of the end of his tenure as Roma coach

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