Mourinho: ‘I over-estimated Roma players’

by | Oct 21, 2021 21:04

Jose Mourinho threw his players under the bus after the 6-1 Conference League defeat to Bodo/Glimt. ‘I over-estimated their capabilities.’

It was an historic loss in Norway, as for the first time at the 1,008th game, Mourinho had a team that conceded six goals.

In his post-match comments, the coach made crystal clear that he considers his team to have only 13 players and the others are nowhere near at the right level.

Conference League | Bodo/Glimt 6-1 Roma: Mourinho humiliated

He doubled down on that message during the press conference too.

“After going 3-1 down, we completely lost our heads and seemed to score every time they got the ball. The explanation is clear, they were stronger and it is my fault, because their first team is better than our second string. The side with the most quality won the game.

“It is my responsibility, I chose to use these players. However, if I had played the first team, someone might get injured or hurt, then we’d concede four or five goals against Napoli on Sunday and that decision would’ve been considered wrong too.

“When four or five weeks ago I said we had to go to the Vatican to pray for no injuries, I did know what I was talking about.

“The XI that Bodo put out today had more quality than our second string. Evidently, I must keep playing the same guys every game and take them to the limits of exhaustion.”

Mourinho was asked if his constant belittling of the so-called second string is not sapping their confidence even further?

“No, the problem is of quality.”

The coach added even more insults when asked if he had under-estimated Norwegian side Bodo/Glimt.

“No, perhaps I over-estimated the capabilities of my own players. I knew Bodo/Glimt were the strongest opponent in this group, but I had hoped we would play differently.

“It seemed like Solbakken was on a MotoGP bike and our defenders were on a bicycle. Next time in Rome, Gianluca Mancini and Matias Vina will be ready for him.”


  1. fossadeileoni27

    Over-rated coach…always has been.

  2. Rio

    Mourinho really doesn’t pull any punches. He basically says all the things a fan would after a game. Sadly he is not wrong tho Roma’s squad debth is pretty shit To many tica taca players left over from fonsecas era

  3. Luke

    He trying to get sacked for that Newcastle job?

  4. Micah97

    Roma has youngsters that do not fit with what Mourinho has in mind.Iam sure Calafiori,Villar and Carles Perez would be useful squad players for someone like Gasperini or Pioli 2ho are adept at getting the best out of a young team.

  5. athens roma

    This guy who commented at 9 16 is funny. Fonseca is responsible for today’s complete destruction of ROMA!!!! Unbelievable…


    Jose tends to do this a lot in recent years: things start quite well, there are bad results, he blames the players, they players get sick of him, he gets paid off and leaves.

    Let’s see if this changes.

  7. Al

    The honeymoon seems to be over! Jose will get madder with every loss and will start his usual accusations and persecution hallucinations until he eventually gets sacked.


    I think Mou is spot on in his assessment. there are 2 or 3 players that you keep from the B squad. that’s about it. Kumbala is too slow and Reynolds needs a one way ticket back to the mls, or ayso, I honestly have never seen a better ball watcher, anywhere, especially at this level.

  9. dangerboy

    What a laugher. But then when I saw the Lineup they put out I figured they didn’t mind losing as the competition isn’t worth their effort.

    But at the same time, 400 travelling supporters to a northern outpost in Norway, why would they tank?

    Bryan Reynolds, LOL. Roma probably just signed him to get Social Media hits from the USA.

    Serves them right.

  10. Chris

    When everything goes right Mou takes credit, when it goes wrong he blames the players.. I watched the first half and then caught highlights of the rest and the team was completely devoid of tactics. On at least 2 of the goals there was a stiff, static defensive line backing off too much and the midfielders (who should’ve been pressing the Bodo/Glimt attackers). The goalkeeper was mad for the lack of protection from his defenders but I can only assume they were following Mou’s tactics.

  11. Stefano

    A good head coach should not be over estimating or underestimating his players.

    He should have know what he had and formulated a game plan to make his team and competitive as possible.

    He did none of that and it’s quite inexcusable.

    What is even wore is that he never adapted and those players quit ok him.

    Once players start quitting the coach has to go immediately

    Sadly the sport has passed by Jose a while ago and his ego is so big that he has not been able to adapt and even worse has even accelerated his demise

  12. Burky

    Bye bye Mourinho
    Bye bye Mourinho
    Bye bye Mourinho
    Bye bye Mourinho

    On “La donna è mobile” melody in case you missed it.

  13. Akan

    You know we have fans and then we have those that no football and its management. Mourinhi simply stated the obvious. The team is not at par with the main contenders in the league and that neds fixing.

    We are just expecting miracles from a team not well rounded enough. Only fickle fans expect that.

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