Jose Mourinho claimed he ‘never offended the referee’ following his meeting with the FIGC prosecutor and refused to give any hints regarding his future with Roma.

The Portuguese coach came under fire in the build-up to the Giallorossi’s 2-1 win over Sassuolo last weekend, when he told the media that referee Matteo Marcenaro didn’t have ‘the emotional stability to work at this level’.

The FIGC opened an investigation into Mourinho, and prosecutor Giuseppe Chine met with the Roma coach today to review the situation. He could be punished for his comments, possibly facing a one or two-match ban.

Speaking in a press conference via, Mourinho first discussed the fate of his Roma squad.

“Good week, we were able to work well. High intensity, what we usually can’t do when we play a lot. Smalling nothing, there isn’t any kind of change. Kumbulla started training with us, if all goes well he can help 10 to 15 minutes already against Napoli or the next games.

“Then Renato Sanches and Pellegrini, people who come from recent injuries, had a good week of work. It’s been a long time since we all worked together on tactical principles.”

He was asked about his meeting with FIGC prosecutor Chine.

“I expect justice from sports justice. It wasn’t a problem for me, my life here is work. I showed up spontaneously and also happy because the prosecutor gave me the opportunity with all naturalness to say the things I wanted.

“I have never offended the referee, never questioned the quality of the referee, the expression used seems normal to me, I also use it when I talk about myself.

“It was possibly understood in a different way, but during the match he showed that he has the ability to manage the match and I said so after the match. I can’t see any problems with this. I expect justice.”

The Roma coach spoke about his recent digs at Sassuolo talisman Domenico Berardi, suggesting the winger and club lack values of fair play.

“It’s a Sassuolo problem and a personality problem. When they found me before and after the match, no one came to say anything to me. They greeted me with great cordiality, then the next day they tell the press that they’re not happy.

“This is a question of dignity. It surprises me. I have the right to say what I said, but also the duty to defend football. And that’s what I wanted to do, there are things on the pitch that cannot happen and instead happen often.”

Mourinho was asked if he was pleased that Roma director Tiago Pinto publicly defended him.

“For me Tiago Pinto is Roma. When he speaks, Roma speak. I see it like this. At that moment I heard the team that he was talking about.

“I don’t expect support when I make a mistake, but when I don’t make a mistake and my words are normal and balanced, I was pleased that the club gave me emotional balance for that match.”

He touched on if he was comfortable speaking about referees.

“We coaches must not talk about the referees before the match. A reflection that I shared yesterday with the prosecutor Chine. Afterwards we can be more or less happy, but before the match we must start from the principle that the match officials want to do well and leave them calm.”

He was asked if he’d sign a new contract with Roma, should one be presented today.

“That’s a hypothetical question because it didn’t happen. I don’t like answering hypothetical questions.

“Did that support please me? Of course, I give everything for Roma. It’s no secret that Dan Friedkin is here today together with his two children here and that we were together. Our relationship is good, but if you ask me if we talked about the future, the answer is no.”

Finally, Mourinho discussed the idea of playing Lorenzo Pellegrini and Renato Sanches together, and other squad considerations.

“We need everyone. Our full squad is strong, with several options and a bench with multiple solutions. In midfield there are many choices, there has been the growth of Bove, who is no longer a child. When someone isn’t there, we always find someone in midfield.

“It’s clear that it’s important to have everyone. We must have six players available, an excellent number. Renato has improved. Lorenzo worked optimally.

“There are many important matches, in January we have a Coppa Italia match and maybe two. The problem is the defence, especially with Ndicka who will leave, and it will be even more difficult.”

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