Mourinho has worse Roma record than Fonseca

Roma have collected 19 points after 12 Serie A games this season, five fewer than Paulo Fonseca last term.

During the summer, Mourinho replaced his compatriot on the Roma bench, signing a three-year deal with the Serie A giants.

He had a great start to the season and managed six wins from seven games, but things deteriorated since the derby clash they lost against Lazio in September.

Roma have now lost five Serie A games, two more than Paulo Fonseca last term.

Mourinho unhappy with players and transfers at Roma

One year ago, the former Roma coach had only lost three games out of 12 and had collected 24 points.

It’s worth noticing that Roma lost one of those three games by default after Amadou Diawara was included by mistake in the Under-22 list. The game had ended 0-0.

Fonseca had won seven games from 12 a year ago, against Mourinho’s six. Fonseca’s Roma had also scored 27 goals, six more than this term.

The Giallorossi have slightly improved their defensive record under Mourinho, conceding 15 goals in 12 games, while Fonseca’s team had conceded 17 in 2020-21.

8 Comments on “Mourinho has worse Roma record than Fonseca”

  1. Can the media just stop this Mourihno bashing? Or being schadenfreude of Mou’s struggle? How pathetic are these reporters?? Fonseca didn’t have the referees deciding the games like Mou has. Ok, Mou shouldn’t criticise the referees in public, which made the referees gang up against him but to imply Fonseca was a better coach is just laughable. At least this Roma team wasn’t set up to fail – you don’t see an unrealistic high pressing line like Fonseca had, even though Fonseca knew he had slow CBs. That’s the difference! Fonseca set the team up to fail, Mou’s Roma is in crisis because the players didn’t do what they were asked to do.

  2. Zaniolo must find some form and Tammy Abraham, damn. He must start doing what is expected of him. Besides that, the backline is a bit of a shambles and there isn’t much depth, but they have potential.

  3. be patient. It has always been the case that Mourinho is held to a very high standard. Give it at least a season.

  4. No great surprise, though it’s an ongoing issue with Roma.

    Mourinho is past his best, but any manager would struggle at Roma. They’re a club without that winning mentality. Their squad is decent but nothing more. And they’re just too inconsistent to win trophies.

  5. This is MOU critic at work again. The analysis is off the point. The owners must support the coach. I think the media are against MOU again.

  6. @Romanista @Olusola
    That’s exactly what Mourinho wants you to think. Everyone is against him and he’s the only one who cares. He doesn’t. He won’t last the season at Roma and you will be better off without him. I’ve watched him self destruct at his last few clubs and it will happen again. It is happening again.

  7. Mourinho is the best , what has united coach ole who took over from mou been able to achieve since he took over but he is still there monkeying enjoying the season with failure, praise the man call mourinho and stop all this criticism

  8. Mourinho is good coach . All he needs is time . Things will get better . He is a winner and a trophy guy. am sure Roma will a trophy under Mourinho. Only if he is given some time.

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