epa09772889 Roma's head coach Jose Mourinho reacts during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AS Roma and Hellas Verona FC at the Olimpico stadium in Rome, Italy, 19 February 2022. EPA-EFE/RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

According to La Stampa newspaper, José Mourinho could get a two or three-match ban after telling referee Luca Pairetto: ‘Juventus sent you.’



The Portuguese coach was sent off in the second half of Roma‘s 2-2 draw against Hellas Verona on Saturday. The Giallorossi recovered from two goals down, but Mourinho lost patience in the stoppages making a ‘telephone’ gesture with his hand (watch the video here).

La Stampa newspaper adds another detail that could cost Mourinho a lengthy ban.

The Turin-based paper reports Mourinho shouted to Pairetto: ‘They sent you here on purpose, Juventus sent you.’ The Bianconeri are direct Roma contenders for a top-four finish and are six points above the Giallorossi in the Serie A table.

Pairetto’s brother Alberto has been working for Juventus over the last eight years, first as Head of Events and then as Head of Stadium Revenue. Their father Pierluigi was a former Serie A referee and designator convicted after the Calciopoli scandal.

Pairetto, 37, is one of the most experienced Serie A officials. He has overseen 92 games in Italy’s top-flight and was promoted to international referee this past September.

34 thought on “Mourinho faces ban after allegedly telling referee ‘Juventus sent you’”
  1. Honestly, it is difficult to see a referee whose brother works at a top club. Huge conflict of interest there…

  2. Azzkikr, dont exchange inter with juve. inter got the last sudetto because they paid the refs.

    Inter corruption isalive and well

  3. sailor121, do u mean the premiere league where they dont fin d a ref who didnt get any money from man or city?

  4. Anything to take away from the fact he hasn’t improved Roma at all.

    The old blame Juve cop-out is a common one for losers.

  5. Good for Mouth, shame on Serie A, how’s this guy a referee with his sibling employees as top official at Juve, only in Italy, only from cannoli brains!

  6. Really doesn’t matter where the refs brother works. Lets not get drawn in to Jose’s paranoia. Its getting worse as the season goes on.

  7. SaMY, I used to think that the quality of the reffing in the premier league was the worst. Now I know that Italy is even worse and more corrupt. Congrats to Jose for calling it out. Suffering in silence will only allow “business” as usual to continue undisturbed.

    “Pairetto’s brother Alberto has been working for Juventus over the last eight years, first as Head of Events and then as Head of Stadium Revenue. Their father Pierluigi was a former Serie A referee and designator convicted after the Calciopoli scandal.”

    How does a guy like this become one of the most experienced refs in Serie A? The situation today in Italian reffing is preposterous.

  8. Feel free to pile on with the Mourinho criticism, but whatever you do DON’T watch the Roma games, because once you do. You will fall out of love with football when you see the absolute corruption. You have no idea what I’m talking about because you dont watch the game, you will see NO highlight reel that shows the stonewall penalty denied us. But you will read all about Mourinho calling out the referee for being corrupt!

  9. @ forza Roma. What does that have to do with juve though. We are currently in 4th spot. If we sent a ref it would be for Atalanta not you lol! Mourinho needs to get over himself!

  10. as a juve fan. its fun seeing him being bitter about juve. mourinho has become good comedy on the sidelines. look at the fool kicking away the football. lol

  11. @realist it has everything to do with Juve! Take off your black and white blinkers and you will see that Roma are only 6 point behind. Perhaps if we were playing against 11 instead of 13 we might even be in front of you. Theres been 5 suspensions handed to referees following their performance officiating a Roma game (so far), but PLEASE keep telling me how its all on in our head and Mourinho has lost it.

  12. What I am trying to say is that nobody cares about Roma enough to do any of the irrelevant crap you just mentioned. You are in 8th position and rightfully so and juve is where they belong as well nobody is blaming anybody. Again this has nothing to do with juve so take off your juve hating blinkers and come out of dream land where Roma is supposed to be anything than a feeder club. Now give me Zaniolo and go away! Don’t be like fiorentina fans and create a fake rivalry where there is none! Your team is small and nobody cares enough to do any of those things you mentioned.

  13. I for one am not going to sit here and say inter cheated last season just because they won and juve didn’t. People need to grow up and find something better to do other than coming here to vent whatever frustrations they may have. Roma lost and magically it is juventus fault lolol come on man. Ok ok now we know so what the hell do you expect any of us here to do about it if juve did pay the ref. Get a life man !

  14. @blinkerist just go back to supporting Man Utd, you are not cut out for Italian football. If you dont care about Roma WHY ARE YOU HERE COMMENTING ON AN ARTICLE ABOUT ROMA! ha ha ha ‘ha ha.

  15. He isn’t wrong – Juventus has been crooked for years, anyone remember them being sent to Serie B? They are the most corrupted futbol team in the world and have won many Scudeti.paying the refs and league officials off. Facts!

  16. Pathetic paranoid disgusting Mourinho, as usual…
    Anything to deflect from his failures.
    Blame and insult the ref, insult Juve, get an applause from the Roma supporters, don’t talk to the press, etc.
    A pathetic theater, not surprising coming from Mourinho.
    Questioning the ref integrity is absolutely slanderous and reprehensible..
    Also, alluding to Juve is beyond hilarious.. given that Juve may not even make the top 4 this season, they barely did last season. He should maybe worry about Lazio and Fiorentina..

    Roma had a great second half and they should be satisfied.

    Roma is a great club and the fans deserve a good manager to get them to the next level and make them more competitive. Mourinho, in my opinion, is not the man to do it.

  17. @forzaroma. See what I’m talking about ?made up fantasies that exist in your world only lol. Where did manu come into this lol why would a juventus fan comment about an article with juventus name in it ? lol what a weak and childish also desperate response. Relax buddy it’s not the end of the world and there is absolutely nothing you can do about anything as you are in control of nothing. Now here is a dose of reality – please keep Zaniolo safe and injury free so you can feed him to me like nice little feeder clubs do! Hahahah weirdo!

  18. One thing is for sure the theatre is getting better with Mou. Fans might come just to see him act out on the sidelines instead of watching Roma play. Someone should call this fool daily and whisper Juve conspiracy theories in his ear. I think we could start getting even more outlandish entertainment from him soon. LOL!

  19. @ Calciosiempre. LOL yah guys it’s 2022 corruption can’t happen anymore. Like the the old saying history CAN’T repeat itself.

  20. @forzaroma Man Utd fan will never bother to comment on ur pathetic club’s article. Remember 6-1? Or was it Bodo-Glimt? No need to cheating on you, you are already a circus club.

  21. Omar, get your facts straight. Roma missed several men in that United game & therefore had to field players out of position (Vucinic played as a winger!)
    Game ended 7-1, not 6-1, you ignorant.
    Still, that season, Roma finished 75 POINTS ABOVE your ugly team! If you don’t believe me, go check the standings of 2006-07. –So just imagine what United would’ve done to you arrogants.

    FORZA VILLARREAL with all my heart!

  22. Realist, you are arrogant.
    Roma is rightfully 6 points off Juve? Yet scientists still cannot explain how Giallorossi this season managed to lose twice against your privileged corrupt team: Roma was FAR superior to Juventus in both games, even missing TWO penalties.

  23. It’s also hilarious when you pretend as if Juventus are not a feeder club for the Spanish, English super teams …you pathetic hypocrite.

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