According to Il Corriere dello Sport, José Mourinho was furious with Roma players after their 2-0 loss against Inter on Tuesday: ‘You sh** yourself for ten minutes.’



The Special One returned to San Siro as an Inter opponent for the first time on Tuesday but expected something different from his players who saw Edin Dzeko score an early goal. Alexis Sanchez doubled the Nerazzurri’s lead in the second half and Roma were eliminated from the Coppa Italia quarter-finals.

Mourinho was not impressed with his players’ performance and made sure his lads knew how he felt.

“I want to know why, you sh** yourself in the first ten minutes,” Mourinho reportedly said inside the dressing room.

Everyone was attending the post-match meeting: players, doctors and staff members. Everyone.

“And then I want to know why you sh** yourself against Milan for ten minutes. Each one of you, no exceptions.

“I want to know why you’ve become so small against big teams for the last two years. If we are small, referees will treat us as such. Inter are a super team, but rather than find motivation, you sh** yourself.

“The worse shortcoming for a man is lack of balls and personality. Are you scared about big games? Then go to play in Serie C, without pressure, without champions, and big stadiums. You are without balls and that’s the worse thing for a man.”

15 thought on “Mourinho furious with Roma players: ‘You have no personality’”
  1. Mou also complained about the lack of character on his Man U squad, and went as far as saying finishing second with them was his greatest achievement. It might be seen as ridiculous at that time, but he was proven right considering Man U haven’t won a title since.

    He might seem to be throwing his players under the bus alot, but I think he does it to motivate his players, sort of weeding out the weak. He stated that Lampard at 23 was already a man, compared to players nowadays who are 23 and still brats. Roma would be a very dangerous team if he can fix that mentality, and Serie-A would be better for it too.

  2. Ferban is correct. Players get too much too soon as youngsters. Many don’t grow up, acting like over-spoilt, entitled children and big shots, and in some cases above the law . They don’t appear to have any sense of personal responsibility or respect towards the coaches, clubs and fans; no backbone, and the greatest adversity they have most likely faced is somebody thumbing down one of their “contributions” on social media, or sending them a mean tweet. Imagine how this lot would have coped in the 80’s!

  3. I think majority of Roma players in this era are incapable. This is because of Roma managements. They have been bringing in many ridiculous players for many years, and also sold many great players, Salah, Dzeko, Rudiger and Alison. Mou is right coach for Roma but he isn’t probably change the team for any better with such rotten materials in his hands.

  4. Absolutely love what Jose said to
    Them!! Every single word is spot on!! When Jose comes out with these words the media play it like he’s some sort of monster, how dare he speaks to these snowflakes like this. Truth is anyone who understand and appreciates Jose, knows he doesn’t mince words he speaks facts!! Pull your weight or get out!!! That’s how the SPECIAL ONE plays

  5. Lol. A lot of people projecting a lot of rubbish onto Roma players. What if it’s the coach? Didn’t this same group minus Abraham (who is better than Dzeko) perform better last year with Fonseca? Mourinho is an angry has been who bashes his players instead of building them up. I can’t recall any manager who has criticized his players so. Note this style hasn’t yielded much in the in the last 5 years. So Bunga, maybe United WOULD have won that year if it hadn’t been Mourinho tell them how bad they were every day.

  6. Roma just doesn’t have the quality players of top Serie A teams, but Jose wants them to play with the fight and desire of true underdog. If they fought hard on the pitch and gave there all perhaps he would confident they could compete far more against the top clubs but when they go down early or a team comes back on them they quickly fold,lose confidence and stop competing. It’s a mindset that is hard to rid in a team because they lack leadership. Given time and influx of better players particularly in the backfield I beleive Jose & Roma can be successful. That said there sloppy inconsistent play around the goal,lack of finding an open shooter, poor shooting etc, has to be remedied by the manager. The game could have been far different if Roma had Roma made plays up front.

  7. Can Roma at least fix the defense? At least get one CB that is experienced and competent. That defense needs a leader. Smalling cannot be the best defender for a team that genuinely want to challenge the best teams.

  8. @vero rossonero – for a Milan fan, you surely like to come to the Roma section and make outrageous comments. Looks like Jose is living in your head rent-free.

  9. Jose has bad luck, he accept the wrong team. See Man United and Spurs. You can see how the players perform now. Just eliminated from FA Cup, drawn by Burnley. Those 2 team are way below Man United, and they have Ronaldo. Spurs beaten by Southampton at home. Is it the players or issue with Conte and Rangnick?

  10. @Vero: Nah, City was a beast that season with 100points and Man U had 81 points (+12 compared to the previous season), so I doubt they could still win the league nevertheless, and I could argue that they were also lucky to get second actually lol.

    But yeah, maybe some team needs tough love like Conte or Mou, some needs someone like Pioli or Ranieri. Who knows.

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