Mourinho believes Feyenoord have ‘big advantage’ over Roma

by | May 18, 2022 13:19

José Mourinho believes Feyenoord have a significant advantage over Roma ahead of the Conference League Final and continues to regret referees’ mistakes in Serie A games.

The Giallorossi are preparing for the final league match of the season against Torino on Friday and the Conference League Final in Tirana next week. Mourinho has already won the Europa League and the Champions League in his career, so what’s the meaning of this European Final?

“It’s always the same. The history and importance of the competition are different, but this is the most important Final because we still have to play it,” Mourinho said during UEFA’s media day, as quoted by Il Corriere dello Sport.

“It will be our 15th game in Europe this season. We began in August and we’ve travelled a lot. We have paid a high price in Serie A, throwing away points against teams that had had a week to prepare for the match.

“When I look at the table, I think about those games and referees’ errors. The Conference League has been a tough competition, now we must make history by winning the cup.”

Roma currently sit sixth in the table, just one point ahead of Atalanta, who would be the first team outside European placements. The Giallorossi can get a Europa League spot if they win the Conference League.

“At the beginning of the season, we thought Trabzonspor were among the candidates to win the competition, but at the same time, we had to wait for teams dropped from Europa League to see the level rise. We have always played with ambition, going all the way through.”

The Dutch season is already over and Roma’s opponents, Feyenoord, are preparing in Portugal for the Final. Do they have an advantage over the Giallorossi?

“Of course, a big one as well. We have to play an important match against Torino, and it’s hard to rest the players,” said Mourinho.

“They have finished the season and can work quietly. I always say that the team must forget about these details in finals. These are games to win. I said this today, but I will tell you that they have no advantage on Wednesday [next week].”

Mourinho signed a three-year deal with the Giallorossi in the summer and revealed last week that he is not planning to leave the club at the end of the season, so he will continue at the Stadio Olimpico also in 2022-23.



  1. Lynchy

    Get the excuses in nice and early.

  2. DB Milan

    You said it Lynchy. I wish all Italian teams well in Europe but he almost puts me off supporting Roma.

  3. Roma fan

    Jose all the best for final and bring the cup home

  4. Matthew

    I don’t think it’s an excuse, he’s trying to curb the expectations of delusional fans who have no idea what it’s like to play 15 extra matches in a season with a depleted squad. Feyenoord is not a better team than Roma, but any squad that is given an extra week of rest and preparation has an enormous advantage, and anybody who disagrees with that has never played the game. Expect a close final, I really am rooting for Roma to dig deep and pull it off!

  5. Lynchy

    @Matthew and the part about blaming the ref’s? He’s constantly looked for excuses throughout his career.

  6. abc

    It might be a lame tournament to win, but given the state of Italian football, its something. Forza Roma…Forza Mourinho

  7. LUIGI

    Wait so is your argument that the refs in Italy are good? The same ones that missed the clear foul on Pessina last week, and the foul on Sanchez, by Giroud, in the last Milan derby?

  8. Gman

    Id rather have a coach that fights and complains for something, refs, fields, be it whatever. I think it instills something in his players when they see their coach at least open his mouth and complain. The reverse of that is a coach who just accepts anything up their bung hole or tries to play nice. I’ve seen some coaches for top teams in Serie A always do this. Sorry but Mo has never been one to acquiesce like that and he has the titles to show why.

  9. Jay Bangz

    @Lynchy, sometimes, we may not like someone but we should afford to call a spade a spade. Jose says it the way it is. He gave the same asessment on Man United team when he said it was a great achievement to finish 2n Behind Man city. If I may ask, where is man United team now despite the huge investment. Same at spurs, he manage mediocre to reach Carling cup final that he wasn’t allowed to play. If I may ask, why did Conte wave those players José managed? Spurs has invested the in the team yet they are at that position bcos of Man United, Arsenal, West ham and Liecester bad season. Jose deserves credit for managing this mediocre team to a final.

  10. TOTTI78

    Next year will be Roma year. Go back to 4 in the back



  11. MAgic

    @Lynchy – six referees suspended after the Roma game this season. SIX! Jose has every rights to blame the ref. Learn to stop being a hater and get a life.

  12. John

    It’s easy to judge mou but remember he has to make a point out of errors. Football is competitive when every team performs, unlike dominance team. If one dag you find spezia winning scudetto, that’s real football game. Mou has changed English football to a far extent en now if italian football could change better for them in future you will see two-three clubs in champion league, trust me Chelsea was nowhere to toping england league but now due to fairness en quality refereeing has proven to be a team , jose did it by claiming alk errors en he was heard by uefa committee. He is what he is because of football is in him

  13. Wales

    God bless JM

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