Mourinho appears to aim dig at referee on social media

by | Sep 24, 2021 08:25

José Mourinho continued with his protest against Lorenzo Pellegrini’s red card on social media: ‘Some guy decided to be the protagonist.’

The Giallorossi returned to winning ways on Thursday, beating Udinese 1-0 at the Stadio Olimpico.

However, Roma’s party was spoiled by Pellegrini’s red card. The Italian midfielder collected two yellow cards and will, therefore, miss the Rome derby on Sunday.

This season, the 25-year-old has been among Roma’s best performers with six goals and two assists in eight games across all competitions.

Mourinho was visibly frustrated by the referee’s decision and urged the club’s directors to appeal the yellow card.

“I don’t know the legal mechanisms in Italian football, but if we can appeal, then we must try,” he told DAZN after the game.

“I have many doubts that anyone could say that was a deserved second yellow card. If there’s a way of appealing this card, then we must do that and allow him to play on Sunday.”

It seems difficult, if not impossible, to see the club lodge an appeal for a yellow card, let alone win it.

Mourinho: ‘Roma must appeal Pellegrini red card’

Mourinho continued his protest on social media, where he appeared to aim a dig at referee Antonio Rapuano.

“To play after a defeat is never easy, and to win again is a great feeling, even if some guy decided to be the protagonist,” the Special One wrote on Instagram and it’s not too difficult to guess who he was referring to.


epa09464330 Roma's head coach Jose Mourinho (C) reacts during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AS Roma and US Sassuolo Calcio at the Olimpico stadium in Rome, Italy, 12 September 2021. EPA-EFE/FABIO FRUSTACI


  1. Burky

    What a bitter man. Jose listen up, you don’t get to change the rules. Chill out. Sit down.

  2. Gus

    @Burky, you obviously didn’t watch the game and just want to be Mou hater. You are the one who needs to shut up and sit down. Mou’s a successful coach, you are a keyboard warrior.

  3. Mike

    Absolutely spot on Gus!! Poor Burky can’tstand that Jose is doing well in Italy!!

  4. Michael

    I thought the second yellow was harsh, but talk of appealing it is nothing more than talk, never gonna happen.

  5. Joe M

    It was a harsh yellow for sure but he looked tired to me and with the derby on the weekend why was he even on the field at that point anyway? That red is on Mou for leaving him in the game in the first place?


    I also felt the second yellow was a bit too harsh. I hope it’s withdrawn.

  7. Burky

    I’m sad to see only Michael understand what I wrote.

    You two are agitated children calling me this and that. I give a shit about Mourinho but you come to Italy you don’t get to change the rules. As Michael said talk is cheap.

    I don’t care for Joses succes, I care for Roma not getting advantages. Pellegrini won’t play in the Derby and Jose is jumping like a fish out of water trying to put pressure. It is enough that Lazio won’t benefit of the 75%open stadia that will come in place after their game being forced to play at 50% whilst everywhere else stadiums are open 100%. So sush geeza

  8. Dionisios

    Mou is yesterday’s hero and bad for football and the game as a spectacle. His negativity pervades everything around him and I feel for Roma fans having to watch them every week.

  9. Gus

    @Dionisios – Mou has praised his opponents this season after each game, especially Italiano and Dionisi, so I have no idea what the hell you are talking about in terms of his “negativity”? He’s doing everything he can to be a more mature, calm person than the Mou people knew 10 years ago, and he has been nothing but positive so far this season. Unless you actually follow Roma, I would advise you to stop talking, or maybe just change your name handle to Dinosaur, because that suits you better.

  10. GUS

    @Burky – you are a keyboard warrior who got called out and now you want to pretend you are a Romanista. Just pathetic. If you actually care about Roma’s “advantage”, you wouldn’t write the first post like that. So, follow your own advise, shut up and sit down.

  11. Hillary MICHEAl

    @Dion. ..Jose has been a big success wherever he finds himself so stop being an hater if you wanna be great n shut up

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