Mourinho: ‘Any other coach would be praised for fantastic football’

Jose Mourinho is proud of Roma for their victory against Sampdoria, wants Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Bryan Cristante to stay, but also insists ‘any other coach would be praised for our fantastic football!’

The Giallorossi are now unbeaten in 10 Serie A games and kept yet another clean sheet, rarely even risking at the back during this evening’s 1-0 win away to Sampdoria.

Serie A | Sampdoria 0-1 Roma: Mkhitaryan takes Marassi

This result consolidates their position in fifth place and they close the gap on Juventus, at least awaiting this evening’s match with Inter.

“It was a difficult match, it’s tough to play here, Marco Giampaolo’s sides always have a clear philosophy,” Mourinho told DAZN.

“The culture in Rome is that if you win the derby, you go into Paradise, if you lose it’s a total disaster, but we managed to keep our feet on the ground, focus on this game and get the victory.”

Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the goal, completing a long passing move that saw 20 different touches from Roma players in the build-up.

“If it had been a different coach, people would be talking about our goal as fantastic football, building out from the back, but they won’t do that with me!

“We controlled the situation well, but could’ve scored a second goal and killed off the game. I don’t think we were distracted by Thursday, it’s that Samp changed their system in the second half, providing more width and making it difficult for us to press them.”

Mourinho had never won or even scored a goal at Marassi, so this was a first for the former Inter coach.

“There’s always one. In England it’s Newcastle, I won there after three or four losses. Here I took a while to win against Samp.”

He also hit his head on the dugout roof in a comical moment.

“Everything is fine!”

Mourinho mocked reporters at the press conference yesterday, holding up a piece of paper that said ‘The second question will be about Nicolò Zaniolo.’

“I just wanted to say it’s difficult at Roma, because instead of talking about the kid Zalewski who is doing so well, people just want to talk about negative aspects, those who are not playing. It’s tough here.

“For example, Bryan Cristante is the same player who the media in Rome says I don’t want and intend to sell. The same player who did so well today.”

Another player with his future in doubt is goalscorer Mkhitaryan, whose contract will expire on June 30.

“Mkhitaryan is having a great season. I want Mikhi here, Mikhi wants to stay here, Tiago Pinto and the club want him to stay, Mino Raiola loves his client, so it should be fine.”

7 Comments on “Mourinho: ‘Any other coach would be praised for fantastic football’”

  1. Mourinho is absolutely spot on with everything he’s says!! English and now Italian media always down play how good of a run Roma are on but he’s use to it!! It usually just makes him and his teams stronger

  2. Mou is such a great character, intelligent n strong coach but the obvious reasons why he’s been so looked down upon is what I don’t know. But his works n successes speak for him. I think Roma will finish stronger this term.

  3. Would like to see more of Edoardo Bove and Volpato they look like they could make a difference, like the fact Mourinho Uses Zalewski but those two i think deserve a shot also

  4. I agree with you guys.
    Mou is a very intelligent coach.
    He understands soccer and knows what he is doing.

  5. Mourhino, unarguably is the best gaffer across the globe. His sterling achievements remain unparalleled.

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