Mourinho announces line-up for next Roma match

by | Oct 24, 2021 20:22

José Mourinho has already announced the line-up for Roma’s next game against Cagliari: ‘the same one as today.’

The Special One isn’t a lover of rotating his squad and Thursday’s Conference League clash against Bodo/Glimt convinced him to limit the use of substitutions from game to game.

Mourinho has only used 22 of his 31 players in Serie A so far this season and the heavy rotation against Bodo/Glimt mid-week led to a historic 6-1 defeat in Norway.

The former Chelsea and Inter boss punished five Roma players who started against Bodo, sending them to the stands against Napoli today.

Mourinho explains red card and punishment for Roma players

They are Marash Kumbulla, Amadou Diawara, Riccardo Calafiori, Gonzalo Villar and Borja Mayoral.

Apparently, they can’t expect to return to Roma’sstarting XI anytime soon as Mourinho has already named the line-up for the Giallorossi’snext match against Cagliari.

“It will be the same one as today,” Mourinho said at a post-match press conference, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb.

During his interview with DAZN, Mourinho also explained why he punished some of his players after the Conference League match in Norway.

“These are messages for the dressing room, that game will remain in my history and for me, it’s difficult to forgive.”

Roma face Cagliari away on Wednesday before hosting Milan at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday, October 31.



  1. DB Milan

    He’s seriously putting the usual Mourinho 3 year cycle into overdrive. You tell the club owner you need more signings in private, not by humiliating your current players. He better hope they don’t have an injury before the next game.

  2. forza roma

    @DB Milan – mind your own club, I don’t understand why the Milanisti start to comment on Roma’s business these days? Those players Mou sent to the stand were absolutely rubbish, especially Villar – who even had the audacity to complain on his Instagram account. If we Romanisti are not complaining, then I don’t see why sending these players to the stand is any of you Milanisti’s business??

  3. dangerboy

    Not a fan of Mou but gòod on him.

  4. DB Milan

    @forza roma: If you are fine with this classless behaviour, good on you. He won’t win you the title, he’ll be on to the next job way before the squad can hope for that. Also, I can speak about any club I wish to and will continue to. As if I can only have an opinion on Milan… weird.

  5. ASrOMA deez

    I don’t know how you could blame Jose Moreno ITS as Roma’s hot mess that they’re in. You have to understand it from the point of view of a new coach coming into a team that’s literally has a core players but do not have the depth in the quality on the bench. It will take time and money but most of all patience. We ( ROMA ) bought players that we shouldn’t have so many times and now we have a bench full of hot trash. Most important of all they’re costing us a lot of money to do nothing. You got to give us time to cut weight and rebuild stronger better but most of all players that want to win! You have to remember this happens to Roma every year way before José M showed up!


    old mourinho never humiliates his own players. i always put mou on high for what he done but on last couple years he not the same coach anymore.
    yes he is and always controversial with his statement but the mourinho pre madrid never humiliates his player. he even defending Balotelli who every coach seems has problem with his discipline.
    he can punished roma player behind the scene and not blow up to media like circus. he really looks like a clown nowadays.

  7. Rio

    He should make 1 change, El shaarawy should start instead of mykitarian vs Cagliari

  8. Rio

    All of the players he sent too the stands played with absolutely no desire at all, and it was diawara, Kumbulla and villars 2nd or 3rd time playing like that this season, I only really feel bad for mayoral who really hasn’t had a look in all season, and clearly doesn’t fit what mourinho is looking for in a striker. Mourinho has obviously gone well overboard here, looks like he is throwing squad players under the bus to try and bring a siege mentality to the first team.

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