More than one reason why Dybala hasn’t renewed with Juventus yet

There may be more than one reason why Paulo Dybala still has not renewed his contract with Juventus yet.

The 28-year-old Argentinian forward has been one of the Bianconeri’s more impressive players this season under coach Massimiliano Allegri, netting eight goals in 17 appearances across all competitions, but he still has not been tied down to a new deal yet.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, bureaucratic reasons are not the only explanation as to why Dybala hasn’t renewed with his contract Juventus; the relationship between the Turin club and his agent Jorge Antun has become more strained in recent weeks.

There is a chance that the Bianconeri are re-thinking their decision, although they will need to come to a conclusion fast, considering that Dybala’s contract expires with the club in June next year.

The 28-year-old Argentinian striker would be in a position to open talks with other clubs from next month regarding a move in the summer, so Juventus need to make up their minds fast if they want to tie down their talismanic forward, who has scored 108 goals in 271 appearances for the club.

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  1. Much as I like the goals Dybala scores, he is 29, he has injury problems and 10 million a year seems like a lot – especially when Juve are low on funds

  2. Aside from his goal against barcelona few year ago, i dont recall he was a game changer for Juve. Yes he scores against smaller teams, but never saw him give enough to be a leader to deserve the #10 that was once for Del Piero. He is a selfish player and when he loses the ball trying to dribble he stops trying to recover it waiting for others to do the job for him. He is an overvalued player, maybe the best in Juve squad right one, but Juve these days is an under par team with average and below average players.

  3. @JuvEfan I have to agree, sadly. Dybala has been at Juve for a while. Part of the problem is that he is always injured, but his best ever performance was the one against Barcelona and he has never reached that level again or gone above it. He didn’t do much in the SF or Final of the CL that same year. He is still one of the best players Juve have and if he is fit, he can hurt small teams that give him space, but I really think 10 million a year, plus the captains armband is just too much

  4. I don’t agree with a lot of the above. By far Juve’s most important player going forward. The only one with creativity and ideas, who can link the midfield and the attack. His absence is always felt more than any other player. Will be a lot better when Chiesa and himself are back.

    Far to harsh to expect him to put in that performance against Barcelona every important game. Especially since he’s already helped the team to five league titles.

    Just because he is injury prone doesn’t mean he deserve this lack of respect.

    Only thing I would agree with is that he does not seem like captain material.

  5. He tries hard, but injuries have constantly robbed him of any real consistency throughout his Juve career. That said, I fully expect he’ll sign his 10 mil a year contact as his stock has declined since the season began.

  6. the pivotal moment of dybala’s “decline” was when they signed ronaldo. instead of trying to continue building with dybala as the focal point, agnelli went the marketing rout with ronaldo. that money could have been better spent renewing dybala’s contract and signing players where the club was deficient.

  7. We don’t play the right style of football for Dybala to show his talent. Put him in Man City under pep and you will see what style of player he is.

  8. I don’t think we’ll ever see the Dybala of his first 2-3 years again. His quality is undeniable but he has become injury-prone which leads to inconsistency and he is now a shadow of the dynamic player we fell in love with. He played his best football when he played with Mandzukic and when we signed Ronaldo he seemed the shrink within himself. If we can buy a gun striker and if he can keep himself fit then he can still be an important player for us going forward, but given his age and wage demands I wouldn’t really care if we didn’t offer him the contract he wants and he was allowed to leave on a free, Whatever we are prepared to offer Dybala, we could use the money to go towards the huge rebuild that is clearly needed. Even mentioning him in the same sentence as Del Piero is ridiculous and I don’t believe he ever has been captain material. Sometimes being captain solely determined by the number of appearances just doesn’t work.

  9. Good player, NOT one of the greats.
    He hasnt signed yet because he values an extra few million ahead of playing for us.
    Thank you for your contribution and see you later.

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