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Serie B side Como still hope to sign Jack Wilshere and the city’s Councillor of Sports has revealed that the former Arsenal midfielder is ‘more than on target.’



Wilshere had been training with Como for a few weeks in the summer after his contract with Bournemouth expired on July 1. Serie B clubs can’t sign non-EU players, so the Azzurri failed to finalise a deal with the 30-year-old.

However, Como’s Councillor of Sports Paolo Annoni, provided a new update regarding the possible signing of the England midfielder in a Facebook post. Annoni met the club’s General Manager, Carlalberto Ludi, during an event organised by the Rotary Club in Como last night and has revealed a part of his speech.

“He [Ludi] revealed a few interesting news,” wrote Annoni, “including a new signing who is more than just on target: Jack Wilshere, a former Arsenal player.”

But can Como really sign Wilshere? The 30-year-old is a non-EU player after Brexit and according to Tuttomercatoweb, the club is trying to find a way to change his status somehow. Surely, Como still hope to sign Wilshere for the second part of the season and the latest update from Annoni suggests that the club still has a fair chance to secure his services. Como currently sit 11th in the Serie B table with 27 points in 21 games.

One thought on “‘More than on target’ Como close in on former Arsenal star Wilshere?”
  1. Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. Former Arsenal stars.

    Where did it all go so horribly wrong?

    I’m glad Milan dodged the Wilshere bullet though because we was linked over and over again at the end of the Berlusconi era.

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