Moratti: ‘Mourinho will dominate Serie A’

by | Sep 5, 2021 10:12

Former Inter President Massimo Moratti said Jose Mourinho’s return to Serie A ‘is the most interesting event of the new league’ and praised Italy CT Roberto Mancini.

Moratti spoke about his former employees at Inter when interviewed by Il Messaggero and started with the new Giallorossi coach, who helped the club pick up the historic Treble in 2009-10.

Mourinho arrived at Roma ahead of the new season and has picked up four wins in four games before the international break.

“I’m very happy for Jose, it’s a great opportunity for him and for the Roma fans,” Moratti told Il Messaggero.

“He’s a coach who gives great confidence and I’m sure that everyone will wake up happy in the morning. Mou has this effect, his arrival at Roma is the right fit.

“He wants to win as he always did, he’s happy and energised.”

But Moratti doesn’t think the former Nerazzurri coach will talk openly about the title challenge in Serie A.

“I don’t think he will talk about it, because he is aware that it’s a complicated but not impossible goal,” Moratti continued. “He believes in it; he wants to do it.

“I don’t think he limits himself to fight for third or fourth place.”

Italy CT Mancini is another one of the previous coaches at Inter and Moratti praised his former tactician, who went all the way at the European Championship with the Azzurri this summer.

“Mancio is very good,” he said. “He did a great achievement at the Euros, he’s a talented man, from forever.

“As a coach he has learned to dominate emotions, now he always manages to do it and say the right thing. He is also a person who likes to see feelings, he knows how to be moved and it’s an important quality.”

Moratti said he likes Inter under Simone Inzaghi so far, but believes Mourinho will ‘dominate’ in Serie A.

“I like Inter, but Roma… we won’t talk about it,” he said. “I believe that Mourinho’s return to Serie A is the most interesting event of the new league. There are many good coaches who will make the difference.

“Who will dominate? Mou.”


  1. G0rd0n

    Utter load of crap! Mou doesn’t have the resources or talent to even qualify for the Champions League, let alone dominate Serie A!

  2. Sakara

    Most of the club give plenty of time to their managers or head coach… if the same club hire Jose Mourinho, they want results overnight….. thats not fair….


    Unlikely. Like Serie A itself, he’s yesterday’s man.
    He might do okay, but top 4 and winning that 3rd-tier Europa thing and/or the Coppa Italia is more realistic.

  4. bob

    [email protected], the same serie A whose players dominated the Euro 2020? From most goals scored from all leagues to Italy winning it all… Ya, yesterday’s league…

  5. Interista

    What Mou achived with Tottenham shows that he can’t win with the chapions he need! But i believe he will qualify to the champions league which will be enough achievement!
    But let’s see first what he will do against Sarri’s lazio!

  6. Lawal

    Mou is a born Winner, it is not all about mouth words, he will deliver in AsRoma, he is the only manager in the world that made it easy for football fans to understand the impact of manager in a team before is emergence all the world football fans are always on players alone but since is emergence he draw attention to the managers as well, if you don’t appreciate him, you that’s talking go and handle any of the big club for a season with all your choice of players whether you will win even a second place in any competition? Let alone winning a place in the final of any competition.

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