Alvaro Morata’s stay at Juventus is uncertain as the Bianconeri seem unwilling to pay €35m to make his move permanent in the summer.

The Spaniard joined the Bianconeri on a loan deal with an option to buy in 2020.

Juventus paid €20m for a two-year loan and can make his move permanent at the end of the current campaign for €35m.

According to Tuttosport, Juventus are unwilling to pay the entire fee and have already begun talks with Atletico Madrid to lower their economic demands.

The Serie A giants also signed Moise Kean from Everton with a similar formula last summer.

The Italy international returned to Turin on a two-year loan worth €7m and Juventus have an obligation to buy the 21-year-old for €28m plus €3m add-ons.

The Bianconeri have made Dusan Vlahovic their top transfer target and if they manage to secure his services, Morata could return to Madrid in the summer.

Tottenham, Arsenal and Inter are also interested in the Fiorentina striker.

Morata has scored four goals in 14 appearances across all competitions this season.

15 thought on “Morata faces uncertain future at Juventus”
  1. Maybe, the current tactics don’t favor his strengths, but nevertheless, he is missing out on great goal opportunities and I am wondering if he’s just too nervous when playing.
    I would prefer a more clinical striker to be honest.

  2. Paratici already wasted €20m on the loan of Morata, so one would think because he will be signed permanently. I highly doubt juBentus will pay €35m more for Morata, especially when Fiorentina owner is about to hand over Vlahovic on a silver platter.

  3. Not sure why Juve needed to buy Kean. 7+28 for a mediocre player. Morata is a good option when playing attacking football. He’s not a goal machine but he’s clinical in big games. If playing Vlahovic+Dybala in front would have little room for Morata. The best thing to do is to buy him out and if possible sell in order to gain funds for Vlahovic. Sorry, Alvaro, you are a great guy and proved to have a black-white heart, but I don’t think you’ll want to be a second-choice striker. But if he stays, that would be awesome.
    Regarding Kean… He’s not Juve caliber. I don’t even know why Juve brought him back. He lacks discipline (the story with Zaniolo and him in the Italy NT camp).

  4. Whether Morata stays or goes is really all down to him. If he gets his mojo back and bangs in 15 goals he will be purchased. Vlahovic is over priced and will most certainly be sold to a club where it is cold, damp and rains a lot.

  5. @Mark Yes, but he got exploited by Real with the buy back clause just to sell him on for a bigger fee to Chelsea.
    He developed fine at Juve, but this deal destroyed it in my opinion.
    Same with Pogba to ManU.

  6. Morata is mediocre at best. Gift wrap and send back to Madrid. 14 goals last season was his peak. Even the Spanish fans boo him for the national team.

  7. Kean is only 21 Years Old and with Juve and PSG his numbers are OK. Seems to struggle only with Everton.

    I’m definitely not giving up on Kean just yet. Besides, who else was available 2 days from the end of the market when Ronaldo decided to leave?

    Now Morata, I try to back him but I see now why he’s hated on.

    On Saturday versus Fiorentina with the score still 0-0 and him in a great position to shoot on net, he kicks the ball up on to his left hand/arm. 🤔 Have never this happen before. Commentary team started laughing and asked outloud how he managed to do THAT.

  8. If he was cheap he’d be a fine back-up forward to have on the bench. But he isn’t good enough for the Juve first team, and 35m for him is too expensive at this time.

  9. My heart really breaks for Morata. I really like him. Clean player, elegant, skillful. He loves Juve, and he has proven to be able to score in big games (Barcelona in the 2014 Final…Italy Euro 2020…). But a number 9 can’t be scoring 10 goals (if that) a season. Unfortunately, a team like Juve needs a volume scoring number 9, and he just isn’t it. With a heavy heart, I would advise not taking up that loan.

  10. I’ll always have respect for Morata, he’s been a good servant to the club, but it’s time to move on I think, unless we can negotiate a good price and he becomes more of a squad player to a new main man (hopefully Vhalovic)

  11. I still have faith in Morata. Give him some more time to prove his worth. He was great with Tevez up front. There’s no reason he can’t be like he used to be with Chiesa around as his new tandem in trio Chiesa-Morata-Dybala. In my opinion, Chiesa is quite similar to Tevez. He is a fast, skillful dribbler, hard worker, and has deadly shots. However, I think we need a bully in midfield to help Morata when he’s holding up the ball. Someone like Vidal. The guy was excellent as when Morata is doing his job as the target man, Vidal would come to stay close to him to receive the short pass from Morata or get the ball immediately from the opponent in case Morata failed to hold up the ball.

  12. The heart cannot rule the head. I think Morata works hard, does not get into trouble and is a good guy. However the stats do not lie and we need a KILLER with the eye of the tiger. The money to buy him outright makes no sense when that cash should be used for the midfield which is the absolute priority.
    Morata is a player that needs confidence and blows hot and cold. He was like this at his previous clubs but was treated poorly by Chelsea. That said we need to be ruthless and say thank you but it is time to please leave. I am more concerned about Kulusevski as he is talented and I will not be pleased if we do another Kingsley Coman.

  13. Nobody ever appreciates morata, he just seems like that kind of player, good guy, no fracas, controversy or any bad reputation and that seems to hurt him, he’s a juve player out and out and he derserves to stay. Nobody seems to see that he’s saves his best for big games. Vlahovic is overrated in my opinion,60m will be paid for him and he will turn out to be even worse than joa felix and co

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