Morata and Allegri in ugly Juventus touchline row

by | Dec 5, 2021 21:27

Alvaro Morata was clearly irritable during today’s game with Genoa, booked for dissent and then arguing with Max Allegri as he was substituted.

The incident occurred in the final stages of the match at the Allianz Juventus Stadium in Turin, with the score at 1-0 with a Juan Cuadrado goal directly from the corner flag.

Morata was booked for dissent after a coming together with Davide Biraschi and moments later was replaced by Moise Kean.

As the Spaniard walked off the pitch, Allegri pushed him on the shoulder and shouted: ‘You gifted them a free kick!’

Morata answered back and argued his case, the pair exchanging angry words on the touchline in full view of everyone.

To make matters worse, Kean was booked for wiping out Biraschi a minute after coming on.

Juventus Genoa


  1. boksic

    Forza Allegri, Morata doesn’t even deserve to wear our shirt…

  2. wingerboy

    Allegri was mad as he wanted Morata to pass back instead of trying to get the second goal. Max loves the look of 1-0.

    Morata was upset with Allegri as he scored a 10/10 for the circus clown front flip in the 29th minute outdoing Genoa‘s Toure seconds before.

  3. Cypher

    Two clowns.

  4. Jarod KNowles

    It’s quite simple, if Morata is dissenting on the coach he needs to be chastised at the very least.

    Allegri whether you like him or not has a closet full of trophies. And Morata oh well he tends to wake up at Spain games only, what about here? You’re in a club of the likes of Platini, Zidane etc.

    I’m with Allegri to be a disciplinarian, this works and look he won again. Wins every time he does elbow grease approach. In less than 5 yrs Conte will be regarded as one of the greatest coaches ever, do what Conte does it works.

    And this goes for Mancini too, who is too passive “guys just go and have fun” playing music on the pitch Pessina baking pizzas, Insigne singing campfire songs-what the heck? And look the players I find betrayed Mancini.

    Coaches need to be tough, grinta, push mentality, that stuff works. The team is the platoon and you are the platoon commander. That’s the bottom line.


    When Morata and Kean are your two options, things aren’t great. They badly need Vlahovic, but may be too broke to buy him.

  6. Dennis

    Send Morata back to Atletico Madrid asap. Am tired of watching him play for Juventus

  7. Antonio p Tavarozzi

    Morata does a lot of good things shame his finish lets him down ,would b a top draw player if he could add that to his game

  8. USORO

    Morata should not be playing for teams like Genoa not juve. Juve is too big for him.

  9. Bruno

    I saw nothing “ugly” there. It was two passionate people having a disagreement. It shows they both care. I would have been more concerned if Morata showed no emotion. Apathy is a terrible thing. Had it been a physical confrontation, then the word “ugly” would have been appropriate. This butchering of language, the constant gaslighting, in order to present a false reality needs to stop.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Morata. He has quality; he showed as much during his first stint with the club. He strikes me as someone who’s over-thinking too much and not relying on instinct. It’s a similar story with Bernardeschi.

  10. Abe

    How far Juve have fallen when Alvaro Morata, a serial loser t Real Madrid, Chelsea and Atleti, is leading the line for them.


    Blimey, this was hardly an ugly confrontation! Allegri told him off because he was losing his head and Morata responded as any one would who was pumped up! The passion is actually good to see from both.

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