ANSA claims Monza President Silvio Berlusconi has been admitted to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.



The 86-year-old was released from the same hospital on May 19, a month and a half after he was admitted with a lung infection. He had spent a few days in intensive care.

It was later revealed that Berlusconi had been diagnosed with leukaemia in April and that he had already started chemotherapy. Berlusconi had previously undergone open heart surgery in 2016 to replace his aortic valve.

‘Qualified’ ANSA sources now claim Berlusconi was admitted to the hospital again today, Friday, June 9, 2023.

Berlusconi, a former Milan President, acquired Monza for €2.9m in 2018 when the Brianzoli were playing in Serie C.

They were promoted to Serie A in 2021-22 with Giovanni Stroppa in charge. Raffaele Palladino replaced the former Milan man this past September and Monza finished with 52 points in 38 matches in their first-ever Serie A campaign this term.

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