Montella: ‘Balotelli has a desire to return to the national team’

by | Dec 3, 2021 20:11

Adana Demirspor coach Vincenzo Montella revealed Mario Balotelli has ‘a desire to return to the national team’ and stressed he will help him ‘achieve his target’.

Balotelli has been linked with a return to the Italy squad, after Roberto Mancini’s men struggled in front of goal in the recent World Cup Qualifying matches.

The former Inter and Milan striker currently plays for Montella’s side in Turkey and has bagged five goals in 13 Super Lig games plus one in two cup games.

Montella spoke to Goal about his decision to move to Turkey and revealed he was convinced by the project and ‘objectives’ at Adana.

Balotelli dreams of Italy return: ‘I spoke to Mancini…’

“Before coming here, I was open to every possibility and talked to many clubs, but some of their projects didn’t interest me,” Montella told Goal.

“I wanted to explore new places and different leagues. When Adana called me, we evaluated what could be done, I visited the facilities and the city and made my decision to come here being convinced of the organisation and the objectives of the club.

“I’m pleased to be here and I’m working to improve this club.”

He was then asked about Balotelli’s time with the Turkish side and pointed out that he was pleased with the former Italy international’s work rate in recent months.

The coach confirmed Balotelli dreams of a return to the Nazionale for the World Cup Qualifiers in March next year and stressed he will ‘help’ the striker arrive there.

“He has managed to adapt to our system, his condition is improving day by day,” Montella said. “He works hard, and I believe he can do even more than what he has done so far.

“He has the desire to return to the national team and as a coach, this makes me very happy, and we will work further to achieve his target.”


  1. Peter

    The last thing a united Italy squad needs is a loose canon like Balotelli. Surely Scamacca and Raspadori should start long before anyone calls for the return of Mario

  2. Mustafa Aliraza

    We need Super Mario for the play off matches for World Cup qualifiers , As far as his head is cool and fully focus to do what he has been asked for , Otherwise I see him the only Top striker who can inspire 🇮🇹..As I don’t trust very much on Immobile whereby Belotti is useless and even can’t rely on moise Kean

  3. Jez

    I have a desire to win the lotto but it will never happen and lets hope and pray that Balotelli ‘desire’ is the same.
    The guys a waste of space. I’d rather start every every game with 10 men!

  4. Brandon

    I’m open to it.

    Don’t know anymore. Immobile has his issues in Azzurro but it’s only because his numbers for Lazio are excellent. But Belotti is just a waste. Seems like a good person and tries but we need goals and Gallo just doesn’t provide them.

    Raspadori is not there either. Scamacca should be one to watch.

    There is no limit of players we could call. Would it really be a scandal if Balo returned?

    Like I wrote in the last article about the topic. If Balo sensed nervousness amongst the players he would smack it out of them.

    If the Playoffs were tomorrow:

    Immobile, Scamacca, Balo, Kean, Raspadori.

    (these are by and large CF’s. Mancini would have any of Lolo Insigne, Chiesa, Berna, Berardi playing behind them).

    FI needs to repost that article they had a few months ago about the Striker shortage issue that Italy has. Worth the read.

  5. Gio

    Id rather take a risk on Scamacca. He has alot of heart and he is a feisty lad. Its true we need “super mario” but unfortunately he’s been dead for a while and wont be back anytime soon!

  6. Vittorio

    What about Il Faraone.

    El Sharawayy.

    With Mancio, Balo would be worth another try. If only Kean was fit to play vs. Switerland in Rome…

    If Immobile was fit he very well would have converted the penalty.


    Absolute clown of a player. Far too risky to bring him.

    If the current crop aren’t good enough, then neither is Balotelli.

  8. Feroli

    Hmmm. Depends who is fit at the time. Certainly use Scamacca in the squad. But why not have Balo on the bench. He is physical and could create a bit of panic in the Portugal defence (should Italy beat N Macedonia of course) As a sub either to hold up play or open up space?

  9. Maldinis heir

    He just needs to be treated like any other player. And if he was treated like any other player he’d probably deserve a recall. But he’s never been treated like another player. If he didn’t play like Pele he was apparently a waste of space.

    He’ll still retire with more titles than most of his critics having written off the last few years.

  10. Baller9

    The idea of having a Balotelli and not going to the WC a second time because you can’t score is foolish. I watch Balotelli play, he is still Italis best striker! Balotelli can creat a goal out of nothing, none on Italy can do that now!

  11. Brandon

    Especially considering there isn’t a limit on how many players you can bring along for the Playoffs. Would it really hurt to have the guy along? I’m all for it.

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